Under water hockey

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Is for dusters who can't play hockey on ice

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Q: Under water hockey
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How many types of hockey are there?

Ice hockey, street hockey, feild hockey, floor hockey, air hockey, table hockey, knee hockey, mini hockey, water hockey, under water hockey. 10.

Which is the game played under water?

The newest game is octopush. It is hockey under water.

What is the favorite sport of Mississippi?

under water hockey

Is there such thing as water hockey?

Water Hockey is real but hardly ever been seen in TV.

What is the 10 favourite sports in wales?

Swimming water polo water hockey frozen hockey

What is the best way to brake in a hockey goalie glove?

you can poor water in it or tie a rubber band around it or even put it under your matress when you sleep.

What did the Inca play?

they played hockey water polo and things like that they played hockey water polo and things like that

What are types of water sports?

well there are heaps water polo, diving, under water hockey, relays, swimming, skying, jet skies, doughnut. you cant forget ... fishing ... curling ... boat racing ...

What is a use of water in its solid form?


What is the surface area of a hockey rink?

The surface area of a hockey rink is ice. Water that is frozen.

What liquid is in hockey ice?


What is octopush?

Octopush is also known as 'under water hockey'. Played on the bottom of a swimming pool, players from each of the two teams (black and white) have to work together to get the puck into the other teams goal.

How much water do hockey players drink in a game?

they drink up to three gallons every keep there body hydrated because they are under so much armor. and they get hot and sweat alot.

Do they water the Olympic hockey pitch prior to a game?

Not sure, but they water the swimming pools.

How many tons of water in hockey rink?


Name all team sports?

Football Basketball Baseball Soccer Hockey Track dodgeball rugby korfball ice hockey, cricket, hockey, netball, water polo, polo, volley ball

How much water is needed to make ice in a hockey rink?

A standard size of a hockey rink is about 17,000 square feet. It would take approximately 11,000 gallons of water to make one inch of ice.

Water on hockey field?

Hockey turfs are wet due to their carpet-like surface. By wetting the fields there is less chance of carpet burns or nasty scrapes occurring when skin scrapes the surface (such as when a player falls or scrapes knuckles). If there is too much water on a hockey field the ball will be slowed down. Therefore there needs to be enough water to reduce injury and not so much water that there are puddles and game play is affected.

Which is more of a contact sport ice hockey or water polo?

ice hockey for sure there is alot more fighting like fist fighting but it depends on how old you are

What should I consume during a hockey game or between the periods?


Inside a hockey players water bottle?

Water, Gatorade, Propel, anything that gives fast recovery and energy.

What is a dimple ball used for in hockey?

Almost all balls used in modern hockey are dimpled. They help prevent hydroplaning when on water and keep the flight stable when in the air.

When you are a mermaid can you breathe under water can you see under water too?

You can't breathe under water but you can hold your breath for an extremely long time and you can also see under water.

When is the best time to play ice hockey?

Winter, when the water turn to ice.

How many gallons of water are needed to fill a hockey rink?

15000 gallons