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Swimming became a competitive sport in the early 1800s.Now swimming is the third most watched sport in the Olympic games.

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Q: What is the evolution of swimming?
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What is the strongest evidence of evolution?

That multi-celled animals exist. Without evolution we'd just be strands of RNA swimming or blowing about.

Are Webbed feet an adaptation for swimming?

If you are talking about humans, it it genetics, if you are talking about animals, it is the evolution of genetics, and I guess you could say their feet became webbed for swimming.

Who are the contributors to swimming?

By the most notable contributor to the evolution of the sport would had to have been the late Doc Councilman.

Can a Chao go through a second evolution after it has reached level 99?

Update: so I was using this glitch for infinite animals on sonic adventure 2, and I got my chao's swimming level to 99, but it wasn't old enough to do a second evolution. Can I just keep giving it swimming animals and make it a swim/swim Chao? Or will I have to choose something else?

Why are fih suited to swimming?

Fish are well suited to swimming in water, for that is their environment. Fish in general are an excellent example of convergent evolution - where many species tend to the one body plan. Even the penguins approach this form.

What is the present progressive tense of swim?

I am swimming. You/we/they are swimming. He/she/it is swimming.

What is exhibit parallel and divergent and convergent evolution?

Parallel evolution: two (or more) species or genera that evolve in similar ways over time. Divergent evolution: two or more closely related species or genera that evolve to become quite different from one another. Convergent evolution: two or more unrelated and dissimilar species or genera that evolve to become similar to one another, for example penguins (birds that used to fly), dolphins (mammals that used to walk on land) and fish (animals that were always swimming)

Which olympic sport has a finish line that is never crossed?


Where did he do swimming?

He went swimming in a swimming :)

What is the difference between theory of evolution and language evolution?

Theory of evolution refers to animals and plants evolution along the time. Language evolution is another issue, not entirely related to the theory of evolution. It follows the theory of evolution on some way but it is related to culture evolution, not to the physical attributes evolution.

What is the abstract noun for evolve?


Is Synchronised Swimming like normal swimming?

no, swimming is a real sport, syncronised swimming isn't

What is the pitch in swimming?

a swimming pool a swimming pool

What is the difference between evolution and theories of evolution?

Evolution is a process, theories of evolution are theories which explain that process

What is spontaneous evolution?

Spontaneous evolution is evolution that is not moderated by intentional beings and actions. Most evolution, in other words. Usually we call non-spontaneous evolution (ie. evolution that *is* moderated by intent): breeding.

What is a part of macro-evolution?

Micro-evolution is not only a part of macro-evolution, it is the same mechanism as macro-evolution. Macro-evolution includes speciation, as a result of continuing micro-evolution.

What is the difference between evolution and theory of evolution?

The theory of evolution describes the process of evolution. Evolution is happening out there, while we describe and understand it in here using the theory. ^^

Floating in swimming?

Floating is not swimming,yet it is a step to swimming.

Is evolution an extension of microevolution?

Micro-evolution is a perspective on evolution, just life macro-evolution is a perspective on evolution. Micro-evolution is evolution seen at small scales; macro-evolution is evolution seen at larger scales. But they're both perspectives on the same process: reproductive variation and differential reproductive success causing divergence between populations.

What is convergent evolution in fishes?

Convergent evolution is just the same biological trait in lineages that are not related. So, all fish, and many aquatic mammals, converge on the same torpedo body shape used for swimming. I am sure you can think of more traits converged on by fishes that are not closely related, such as all fish having gills to strain oxygen from the water.

What are stages of evolution?

Evolution does not have "stages". Evolution is a continuous and gradual process.

What are three patterns of evolution?

Divergent Evolution, Convergent Evolution, and Coevolution

Does rayquaza have a primal evolution?

No it does not have a primal evolution instead it has a mega evolution

What is an adjective for swimming?

Swimming can be an adjective, e.g. swimming trunks, or 'a swimming head'. However, it can also be a noun, e.g. 'the sport of swimming', or a verb, 'the boy was swimming'. The present participle of "to swim" it is more technically a gerund used as a noun adjunct. Colloquiallly, a "swimming head" (from a head that is swimming, or confused) is an adjective.

What is the momentum in swimming?

The part where you are swimming.