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because it is a popular sport!

and most sports in the olympic games are popular

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Q: Why would you want to do Equestrian in the Olympics?
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What Oympics is Equestrian in?

London Olympics

Do women compete in Equestrian in the Olympics?

yes they do

How do you win Equestrian in the Olympics?

To win the Equestrian you have to have the most points for dessage,jumping and eventing.

Which game did princess Anne participate at Olympics?


What is the only sport that begins with an E in the Olympics?


What is the top English Equestrian Sport?

the Olympics (eventing)

When did Equestrian enter the Olympics?

Equestrian debuted at the Olympics in 1900, missed 1904 and 1908, and came back in 1912 and has been an Olympic event ever since.

Oldest person to receive equestrian medal in the Olympics?

Galen Spencer was the oldest to receive equestrian medal.

Did India ever take part in equestrian events in the Olympics?


Which is not one of the four constant events in the Olympics?

equestrian events

Who does edwina tops Alexander compete in the Olympics for?

equestrian jumping

What is the height of the equestrian jumps at the Olympics?

the height of the jumps are 6'6

Why equestrian is in Olympics sports?

because it requires physical exertion

What are equestrian events in Olympics?

The events are Dressage,Eventing,and Jumping.

Where did the equestrian events in the ancient Olympics take place?

In the stadium.

What is the average age of the riders in the Equestrian Division?

Partial answer: The ages of the riders representing the United States in Beijing are given with their bios on the website 2008 Olympics Equestrian Cheat Sheet,

What sport in the Olympics do you use a horse in?

Any sport involving a horse in the Olympics is referred to as an "Equestrian event"

What year did Sweden have the Olympics?

The 1912 Summer Olympics were in Stockholm, Sweden. The 1956 Summer Olympics held their equestrian events in Sweden.

Did the US win gold in equestrian at the Olympics?

yes yes yes

What do equestrian riders wear while competing in the modern Olympics?


Is Newzealand in the Olympics?

Yes, best known in rowing, equestrian,cycling

What do you do if you were an equestrian in the Olympics?

dressage, show jumping, and cross country jumping

When was equestrian first included in the Olympics?

1900, per NBC's website.

What equestrian events will be at the 2012 Olympics?

Eventing, show jumping and dressage.

At what summer Olympics did equestrian debut in?

1912 Summer Games in Stockholm.