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60 inches typically

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Its the same as an attack stick

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Q: What is the minimum length for a defensive lacrosse stick?
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How heavy should a defensive lacrosse stick be?

the weight of a defensive lacrosse stick doesnt matter, it just has to be a length of at least 72 inches

How long is a defensive lacrosse stick for seventh grade?

Around 60 inches.

What is the best length of a lacrosse stick for a 5'8 freshman girl in high school?

Generally, the best stick length is for the shaft to be the length of your arm; however, just a standard stick length seems to work best for most people. If you cut it to your arm length, it makes it easier to maneuver. But, a really good lacrosse player can maneuver the stick regardless.

Is lacrosse involves catching a ball in a net at the end of a long stick?

yes, and if you have a defensive pole it is even longer.

What is the difference between a full size lacrosse stick and a mid size lacrosse stick?

The bigger stick is primarily used for defensive players and is 72in long(With head) The smaller one is used for every other position and is 42in long.(With head)

How long does a attack men lacrosse stick have to be?

The shaft alone minimum is 30 Inches and the Head + Shaft minimum is 40 inches!

How are lacrosse sticks measured?

Lacrosse sticks are measured with basic tape measures. There are three different positions that have acceptable lengths. Attackmen and Midfielders can have a minimum stick length of 40 inches, and a maximum of 42. Defensemen and Long Stick Midfielders may use a complete stick anywhere between 56-72 inches. Goalies' sticks have the same regulations as defensemen.

Where can you buy a lacrosse Charm?

Here is a lacrosse stick charm-

Can you use a fiddle stick head in a lacrosse game?

no, a Fiddlestick is a miniature lacrosse stick. In all leagues of lacrosse there are guidelines and requirements for the stick. it has to be a certain length, the head cant be to pinched, etc. Fiddle sticks are too small and do not meet requirements for playing in games. Their sole purpose is to mess with at home or with friends.

What do lacrosse players play with?

a lacrosse stick.

How do you play division 2 lacrosse?

With a lacrosse stick and a lacrosse ball

Is 36 inches too short for a lacrosse attack stick?

Yes, 40 is minimum... 38 is sometimes accepted at a youth level