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As far as I've been able to find so far, it's 0-9 in 03. Longest streak by anyone appears to have been 21 by the '88 Orioles.

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Q: What is the longest losing streak at the beginning of a season by the Detroit Tigers?
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How many losing seasons have the Detroit Tigers had?

From 1901-2012, the Detroit Tigers have had 44 losing seasons.

What is the longest losing streak in Detroit tiger history?

19 games from July 29, 1975 through August 15, 1975. The Tigers record in 1975 was 57-102.

Whats the reason behind the detroit tigers loosing streak?

No one knows why the Detroit Tigers went from being really good to their losing streak. It must be a case of bad luck.

How many times has Detroit made it to the World Series?

The Detroit Tigers have been to the World Series 10 times, winning 4 and losing 6.

Who has the longest losing streak in high school basketball?

i think its a svhool in detroit im not sure might not be but ya know

What is the longest losing streak in the nfl since a playoff win?

The Detroit Lions, Followed by an unexpected team, the Dallas Cowboys.

What NFL starting quarterback has the longest losing streak?

Jon Kitna when he played for the Detroit Lions in their 0-16 season.

How many times did ty cobb play in the World Series?

Three times ... 1907, 1908, and 1909. He was on the losing team (Detroit Tigers) each time, losing to the Chicago Cubs in 1907 and 1908 and to the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1909.

Have the San Diego Padres ever won a championship?

No, not as of March 2011. They competed in two World Series, losing to the Detroit Tigers in 1984, and to the New York Yankees in 1998.

What is the longest losing streak in MB?


What are the Braves longest losing streaks?


What is the longest losing streak in the NBA?

The longest losing streak is 23 games in a row by 95-96 Grizzlies and 97-98 Nuggets.

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