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1st longest; 'bout 26 2nd longest; 'bout 24

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Q: What is the second longest active losing streak in professional sports?
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What Professional NFL Football team has the longest history of football?

Chicago Bears. Second is Pittsburgh

What is Africas second longest river?

Africas second longest river is the congo.

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The second longest word in English language is antidisestablishmentariansism.

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Canada has the longest coastline. The second longest is next to impossible to measure.

Which team does UF presently hold the longest win streak over?

Notre Dame streak over Navy is the current all-time leader for the longest consecutuve winning streak over one team in Div. 1A (Bowl Championship Series) football. That streak ended November 2007. The longest active streak is the Universty of Kentucky's 23 consecutive losses to the Tennesse Volunteers. Kentucky last defeated Tennessee in 1984. The University of Kentucky also has the second longest active losing streak to one team, the University of Florida Gators. The University of Kentucky last defeated Florida in 1985 suffering 21 consecutive losses.

Is the mississippi river the second longest river?

no, the second longest river in the world is the amazon

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Jared is the second person to live the longest in the bible

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The longest river is Laughlin.

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The second longest dinosaur is Argentinosaurus, at 140 ft long.

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the longest river in Ukraine

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The second longest river in the US is the Mississippi at 2,340 miles. The 1st is the Missouri at 2,540.

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No. The Severn is the longest and the Thames is the second longest.