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Utah state

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Q: What is the longest currently active home win streak in NCAA Division I Men's Basketball?
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What is the longest active losing streak in sports?

Caltech beavers 207 games division 3 basketball

Who is the oldest active coach in NCAA division 1 basketball?

The oldest active coach in NCAA division I basketball is Ron Abegglen. Abegglen is the coach of Becker. His record in 2008 was 3-22, and he is currently 71 years old.

College basketball longest active winning streak?

womens college basketball. uconn

Who currently playing in the NBA has been active the longest?

dikembe mutumbo

What college basketball team has the second longest active home winning streak?


Who are the longest serving active coach in division 1 football?

The oldest coach in Division 1, is Head Football Coach at The University of Florida Atlantic. He is 77 years of age. Joe Paterno was the active oldests coach at 84, before retiring.

Who was major league baseball's longest active manager and player?

The longest active player was Nolan Ryan who played for 27 seasons (1966, 1968-1993). The longest active manager was Connie Mack who managed for 53 seasons (1894-1896 Pittsburgh Pirates, 1901-1950 Philadelphia Athletics). Currently (2008), the longest active player is Jamie Moyer (22 seasons) and the longest active manager is Bobby Cox (27 seasons: 1978-1981 Atlanta Braves, 1982-1985 Toronto Blue Jays, 1990-2008 Atlanta Braves).

Who are the longest active NCAA football coaches?

the longest active ncaa D1 coach in football is Joe Paterno from Penn State University. Joe Paterno has one many division one titles, and recently in 2006 has gone against Bobby Bowden who was the recent coach for Florida State University and when they played they were number 1 and number 2 in the longest tenur at any school in division 1 football.

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What is the list of active top coaches with the most NCAA division 1 basketball wins?

See the following post:

Who is the oldest basketball player?

The oldest active player is Memphis Grizzlies guard/forward Vince Carter, who is currently 39 years old.

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