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Q: What is the largest margin of victory for an Ohio State basketball team?
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Who had the biggest margin of victory in the UF vs FSU football series?

The largest margin of victory in the series is 49 points when Florida defeated Florida State, 49-0, in 1973.

What is the largest-ever margin of victory for an NCAA basketball team?

117 for a D-I team, Long Island University over Medgar Evers 123 overall, Lincoln (PA) over Ohio State-Marion

What is fsu's largest margin of victory over uf in football?

35 points. Florida State defeated Florida, 52-17, in the 1988 season.

What is the largest margin of victory in a college football bowl game?

Bowling Green State University lost 63-7 to Tulsa in the 2008 GMAC Bowl.

What is the largest state in terms of land area in the US?

Alaska by a wide margin followed by Texas.

What was Ronald Reagans margin of victory in 1984?

I believe he won 49 of 50 states. Mondale only managed to win 1--his home state of Minnesota.

How does Alaska rank in size among US states?

Alaska is the largest US state by a wide margin. It's total area is 663,267 square miles. It is more than twice the size of the next largest state (Texas).

What is the noise margin for standard TTL gates?

The low state dc noise margin for TTL dates is 0.3v and the high state noise margin is 0.7v

What is the state of basketball?

basketball isn't a state its a sport

What state was the last major southern victory?

state of last major Southern victory

If candidate wins Ga by 0.2 how many electoral votes do they get?

It's a "winner-take-all" system, so the margin of victory doesn't matter. The winner receives all of the state's electoral votes.

Which state is part of the largest state?

Alaska is the largest state.

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