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The largest point margin of victory between Auburn and Alabama occurred on November 17th, 1900. The game ended with a result of 53-5 in favor of Auburn.

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55 points. On December 4, 1948, Alabama defeated Auburn 55-0.

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Bowling Green State University lost 63-7 to Tulsa in the 2008 GMAC Bowl.

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Q: What was the largest point margin of victory between auburn and Alabama?
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What is the largest defeat between Alabama vs auburn?

55 points. In the 1948 season, Alabama defeated Auburn 55-0.

Who won the Alabama and auburn game to 2011?

24-15 Alabama won.

In what year did Alabama achieve their first victory over Auburn?

November 29, 1894: Alabama 18, Auburn 0.

Where is the Auburn University of college located?

Auburn University is located in Auburn, Alabama. Auburn is the second largest university in Alabama. It is one of the state's two public flagship universities.

In what year did Alabama achieve their first victory over rival Auburn?


Is there a city named Auburn in Alabama?

Auburn is a city in Lee County, Alabama, United States. It is the largest city in eastern Alabama with a 2008 population of 56,088. Auburn, as a college town, is largely driven by the influence of education. Auburn has one post-secondary school, Auburn University.

Is auburn a state?

No, Auburn is a city in the state of Alabama.

Who was the last Alabama coach to defeat auburn?

As of the 2009 season Alabama's most recent victory over Auburn was November 29, 2008. The head coach was Nick Saban. Alabama won by a score of 36-0.

What state is half way between Auburn Alabama and Portland Maine?

The halfway point between Auburn, Alabama and Portland, Maine is located in the State of Virginia.

What is the distance between fort payne Alabama and auburn Alabama?

160 miles

How many miles is it between Montgomery Alabama and Auburn Alabama?

55 miles

How many miles between jacksonville Alabama and auburn Alabama?

104 miles