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The long UF winning streak is 9 games (1968-1976). The longest FSU winning streak is 4 games (1977-1980 and 1987-1990).

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Q: What is the longest winning streak in the UF vs FSU series?
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How many times in a row has the Florida State Seminole football team beat the University of Florida Gator football team?

The longest FSU winning streak is 4 games (1977-1980 and 1987-1990).

Which team has made the most college world series appearances without winning?


What is the longest streak of winning seasons by a NCAA football team?

This was true up until 2008.. Michigan definitely does not have it now. Since the question is about the current winning streak and not the past, Florida State University (FSU) has the longest streak of consecutive winning seasons. That may be in jeopardy as they are 6-6 going into their Bowl game. FSU & WVU meet in the Gator Bowl New Years Day. The game was sold out within hours of the matchup. In fact, they had to bring in 6,000 extra seats bringing the total to almost 84,000 which will be more than any BS Bowl brings in. FSU has beaten WVU in the 2004 Gator Bowl when WVU was a much better team than they are now. We'll see if that streat continues. They also beat them in the 1982 Gator Bowl. The only other time they've played. Linfield has not had a losing football season since the 1950s.

What is the longest current streak of bowl appearances?

Florida State University - 28 and counting, through the 2009 season. Actually the longest current streak is Boston College at 12 bowls and counting through 12/5/10 although they are bowl eligible this year. FSU does not hold the current record.

How many consecutive winning seasons does fsu have?

After the 2008 season, they have 33 consecutive winning seasons.

Who has the most wins in the UF vs FSU football series?

Florida leads the series 33-20-2.

When was the last time Florida state played South Carolina in football?

November 9, 1991 with FSU winning 38-10.

How many times has Florida State beaten Ohio State in football?

Through the 2008 season, Florida State and Ohio State have met three times with FSU winning all three. October 3, 1981: FSU 36, OSU 27 October 2, 1982: FSU 34, OSU 17 January 1, 1998: FSU 31, OSU 14 (Sugar Bowl)

How many times has FSU been to the College World Series CWS?

Oh, FSU baseball - always the bridesmaid, never the bride. The Seminoles have appeared in the NCAA Baseball Tournament an incredible 52 times, and have traveled to Omaha for the College World Series 21 times (including three appearances in the CWS Championship Game or Championship Series).

What is FSU mascot?

The FSU mascot is a Seminole Indian

Why should i go to fsu?

FSU is an amazing school and the city of Tallahassee is beautiful! Become a seminole for life, go to FSU :)

What is fsu grade point average to attend to fsu?


Who is better fsu or Oregon?

fsu because they have a higher ranking

Who had the biggest margin of victory in the UF vs FSU football series?

The largest margin of victory in the series is 49 points when Florida defeated Florida State, 49-0, in 1973.

How many times has FSU played Notre Dame in football?

6 times with Florida State leading the series 4-2.

How many times has Florida State beat the South Carolina Gamecocks?

South Carolina vs. Florida State (FSU) All Time Record 3-15 1966 - FSU 32 - South Carolina 10 1967 - FSU 17 - South Carolina 0 1968 - FSU 35 - South Carolina 28 1969 - FSU 34 - South Carolina 9 1970 - FSU 21 - South Carolina 13 1971 - FSU 49 - South Carolina 18 1972 - South Carolina 24 - FSU 21 1973 - South Carolina 52 - FSU 12 1979 - FSU 27 - South Carolina 7 1982 - FSU 56 - South Carolina 26 1983 - FSU 45 - South Carolina 30 1984 - South Carolina 38 - FSU 28 1985 - FSU 56 - South Carolina 14 1986 - FSU 45 - South Carolina 28 1988 - FSU 59 - South Carolina 0 1989 - FSU 35 - South Carolina 10 1990 - FSU 41 - South Carolina 10 1991 - FSU 38 - South Carolina 10

Who is fsu mascot?

- The Seminole Indian is FSU's Mascot ! )

All time football record Ohio state versus Florida state?

Through the 2008 season, Florida State and Ohio State have met three times with Florida State winning all three games:1) 1981 - FSU 36, OSU 27 (Regular Season)2) 1982 - FSU 34, OSU 17 (Regular Season)3) 1998 - FSU 31, OSU 14 (Sugar Bowl)

Are there any fraternities or sororities in fsu?

Oh yeah. Big Greek life at FSU

Did fsu ever played usc in football?

Yes twice and FSU won both times

What was the score of the 1996 National Championship Game between UF and FSU?

UF 52- Fsu 20

What is fsu colors?

The "Florida State University" (FSU) Colors Are Garnet (A Maroon/Red Color) And Gold.

Who does Zac Efron go for FSU or Alabama?

zac efron go for FSU and Alabama he told me himself.

Who won FSU or Florida in 1993 Orange Bowl?

In the 1993 Orange Bowl game FSU beat Nebraska to claim the National Title. FSU beat Florida in 1993 but it wasnt in the Orange Bowl.

How many NFL players went to fsu?

How many former FSU players are currently playing in the NFL in 2009?