What is the highest basket toss?

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well so far the highest basket toss I've seen is the flyer going at least 15 feet high =)

The highest basket toss (at college level) is around 30 feet high.

the highest basket toss recorded on the Guiness World Records is 5.1m from (Stormz) All Star Cheerleaders, NZ!!

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Q: What is the highest basket toss?
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What is a basket toss?

A basket toss is a cheerleading stunt in which three or more bases toss a flyer into the air.

What is the hardest basket toss?

the hardest basket toss is collegiate baske st tosses a hole

How high can a basket toss go?

The height of a basket toss depends on the technique of the flyer and bases and also their weight and strength. On average, a basket toss goes into the air about 10 feet.

Who was the first to ever attempt a basket toss?

In 1979 UCA (Universal Cheerleading Association) shows the first basket toss at a summer camp.

How do you do a basket toss full?

There are not to many ways to learn how to do a basket toss full. It is pretty much nothing more then the flyer being thrown up by the bases and ride up until you feel high enough and twist back and then tuck and wallah there you have it a basket toss full.<3

Where does chyna land after practicing the basket toss?

in the basketball hoop

Where is the hidden basket in paper toss 2.0?

First, you blow up the boxes with the grenade. Then you will find the hidden basket.

What is the most dangerous stunt in cheerleading?

Basket toss full, or a one man

How many outcomes are in the sample space for the event first to toss a coin and then to shoot a basket?


Who is the best basket ball player in the world?

It is a toss up between Lebron James and Michael Jordan

How many possible outcomes are in the sample space for the event first toss a coin then shoot a basket?


How do you know how high a basket toss is?

If you a preforming a basket toss, then dip low and throw high. Do it as hard as possible without hurting the flyers, bases, or spots. You can record with a camera to see how your group is doing, and if you dont have a camera ask a friend how high you guys are going.

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