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Hazard is the area of sand or water between the tee and the hole.

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Q: What is the golf term hazard mean?
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What do yellow stakes in golf mean?


What does grounding your golf club in a hazard mean?

Ask Dustin Johnson

What do the red stakes in golf mean?

Red stakes indicate a lateral water hazard.

What do the colored stakes on golf course mean?

Yellow is a water hazard. Red is a lateral hazard. White is out of bounds. The rules indicate how each of these should be dealt with.

What is the name of a golf hazard?

Water hazard - yellow stakes, lateral hazard - red stakes and bunkers.

What does OB mean in golf?

It is the shortened term for out of bounds.

What does the golf term budgie mean?

Absolutely nothing.

What does the term double eagle mean in golf?

a 2 on a par 5

What is another name for bunker in golf?

Trap or hazard

What does the term bogey mean?

One over par on a given golf hole.

What is another name for a sand trap in golf?

a bunker or a hazard.

What is a lay up in golf?

Lay up" is a term that refers to a golfer choosing to hit a shot shorter than he is capable of in order to avoid a hazard or to position the golf ball in a certain spot on the hole. Also known as lay up shot.

What do red boundary post indicate in golf?

The red boundary post indicate a lateral water hazard in golf.

What does the term ''Par 70'' mean in golf?

It is the total number of golf club strokes, that a specific course was designed to be played in for 18 holes.

What is the ruling when a golf ball is hit into a dried up lake?

you can go play it. It is in a hazard tho and hazard rules apply

Can you pull a hazard stake out when your golf ball is in the hazard?

Yes, you are allowed to pull these out of the ground. But you can not pull OB stakes out of the ground.

The sandy hole hazard in golf is called?

A bunker or sand trap

What the yellow stick in golf meant?

This marks the boundary of a water hazard.

What does the term boggie mean in golf?

Bogey means one over par on a given hole.

What does the golf term birdie mean?

one under par for that hole is par 4 and you get 3

What is the term eagle mean in golf?

Eagle means 2 under par for a particular hole.

What is meant by the term hazard?

A Hazard is something with the potential to cause harm or loss.

What sport do you use the term housel?

the term "housel" refers to golf. A housel is part of a golf club.

Which fema program assists in long term hazard mitigation?

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) assists in implementing long-term hazard mitigation measures following a major disaster.

What does the term risk mean for hazard?

Because usually when you take a risk, the risk is something hazardous or something that can cause you harm.