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No it is a dead ball

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Q: Is the ball still alive when an advancing runner is hit with a batted ball?
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If a batted ball hits a runner on third base but the ball hits the runner on the foot which is in foul territory is he still out?


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How can you have batters interference on ball four with a runner on first?

the ball is not dead on ball four its still alive the runner at first is going to second. so im not sure how the question should be answerd the way your looking for it to be.

Runner at third base goes home and touches home plate on a fair batted ball After touching the plate he hears someone say it was foul so he retreats to 3bA runner made it to third on the batted ball?

As soon as the runner touches home plate, the run scores. The following runner has the right to third base. Either the base coach or the following runner on third base should tell the runner who scored that it was not a foul ball and he should go to the dugout. The ball is still live.

Is the ball still in play if it hits a runner after it passes a fielder?

No. If a batted ball is touched by a defensive player before it touches a runner, the ball is live and the runner is not out. Also, if a batted ball passes a fielder that could make a play on the ball and touches a runner, the ball is live and the runner is not out. This situation is very rare and would only occur when the infield is playing in and are in front of the runner(s).

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No they can not return to another lessor base under their on accord after the completion of the play where they gained the higher base. If the play where they gained 3rd is still live then the can choose to return to 2nd.

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