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No, its mostly Technique but power helps!

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Q: Is it how hard you hit a golf ball to make it go the furthest?
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Is it better to freeze your golf balls before you play?

No, that will make the golf ball slippery and hard to play with.

How does golf ball fly?

The dimples make golf balls aerodynamic.

How do you make a golf ball dead?

you kill it

Is it a bad idea to play golf wearing bifocals?

It is probably not a bad idea to play golf wearing bifocals but it might make it hard for you to focus on the ball. It could also cause you to have less balance when you are hitting the ball.

Where can a golf ball maker be bought?

There are companies that make golf balls. However, they do not sell anything to make golf balls. If you meant golf ball marker, these can be found in local stores, such as Target, or online at Amazon.

Has anyone played basketball on the moon?

No. The lack of air would make that hard to do. But one astronaut did hit a golf ball on the moon.

What is the importance of dimples on the golf ball?

They make the ball aerodynamic and allow it to fly.

What are the demples on golf balls for?

They make the ball aerodynamic and allow the ball to fly.

How many elasticbands do you need to make a golf ball?

There is no longer elastic bands in golf balls.

Why does the golf ball have so many dimples?

The dimples on a golf ball are designed to make the ball aerodynamic and fly as smoothly through the air as it can. The reason there are so many dimples as it is as many as they can fit on the golf ball to give it the best flight.

Can cutting a golf ball in half make the planet explode?


How much does it cost to make a golf ball?

30 cents

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