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i play Basketball and if the person with the ball goes up for the shot and you slap him on the arm it is a shooting foul and you go to line to shoot free throws

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Q: What is the foul in basketball when you slap the shooters arm?
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Is reaching in a basketball rule?

Not in itself. If your arm impedes the ballhandler, it may be holding. If you hit them with your arm, that is also a foul. But "reaching in" is not the name of a foul. This is covered on a list of 7 basketball rule myths on (

What is a push in basketball?

A push is called if you push another player...usually the refs call it a foul once your arm is extended.

What is one of two types of fouls in basketball?

One of the foulsin basketball is a tech foul this is called when coach is abusive to players of other team the other coach or the refs. The other is just called a foul which is just called when you foul the person with the ball Or there is holding when you hold one of the players or grab there arm or something.

Did eminem arm the columbine shooters?

No. Can't imagine anyone would believe that.

What is hacking foul?

it tend to be hitting a person on the arm

How do you hipnotize someone?

Slap them 20 times on the arm and say sit and yell.

When can you touch a basketball player that has possession of the basketball?

There really is no rule on this. The only time you can really touch a player is when they are backing you down in the post (in which you can put one hand or arm on them) or when they have their pivot foot on the ground. Other than that, most touching of other players is considered a foul.

What is a net foul in volleyball?

A net foul is when a player from a team hits the net with their hand or arm when blocking the ball or spiking the ball.

What arm do you wear a basketball sleeve on?

on your right

Referee signals in basketball?

There are quite a few. Like traveling, double dribble, carrying, over and back, technical foul, push, on the arm/ holding, 3 seconds in the lane, time outs, jump ball, possession, block, charge, and personal foul. Those are basically the most used ones.

Is an offensive player with the ball pushing off considered a player control foul in basketball?

It depends. If the defender wasn't moving and the run into them or push them then it's a charge. Also you can't just stiff arm people when you have the ball...

Where can you find quality basketball arm sleeves?

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