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There really is no rule on this. The only time you can really touch a player is when they are backing you down in the post (in which you can put one hand or arm on them) or when they have their pivot foot on the ground.

Other than that, most touching of other players is considered a foul.

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Q: When can you touch a basketball player that has possession of the basketball?
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What is reaching-in in basketball?

When a player is trying to tap the ball out of the other player's possession. You can do it as long as you only hit ball, you can't touch the other player. Sometime you can get away with it though.

What is turn over in basketball?

In basketball, a turnover occurs when a player loses possession to the opposing team.

Who was the first woman basketball player?

Yollie touch

How is possession calculated in soccer?

Possession is calculated from the time you touch the ball until it is touched by any other player on the field.

How many seconds per possession in basketball?

In the NBA, you get 24 seconds per possession and in college basketball, you get 35 seconds per possession.

Can you touch the basketball when it is in the cylinder?

An offensive player touch the ball when it is in the cylinder. If a defensive player touches it then, it is goaltending and two or three points are awarded.

What is the penalty if a player commits a foul when his team is in possession of the basketball?

the ball is turned over to the other team

If a basketball player is out of bounce can he touch the ball when it is still in?

yes, but the ball will be out of bounds

What is the basketball team without possession of the basketball l?


If a basketball player goes out of bounds can he come in bounds and be the first player to touch the ball?

yes as long as he doesnt touch the ball when hes out of bounds

What is the longest amount time a player should keep possession of the ball in basketball before passing to a teammate?

a player can hold it for 5 seconds and dribble it for 10 seconds then he has to make a basketball play

Which player jumps for the ball in basketball?

Normally, the center would. But in the case of a jump ball, the player that was fighting for possession of the ball will jump.( what he said)

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