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In cricket, it's just a hit ball: the batsman can run if he wishes. To counter this, the defense will often put several defending players behind (called the slips) if they think the batsman will hit back there. In Baseball, you must hit within the foul lines; hitting that ball behind is called a foul ball. This is called a strike (one of three), although a non-caught foul ball will not be called as the third strike.

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Q: What is the fielder behind the batter called?
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Can a fielder not on a base stump a batter out in rounders?

no, a fielder which is not placed on a base cannot stump the batter out, only a fielder on a base can.

Can a fielder be changed for 1 batter in little league?


Does a fielder's error go down as a hit officially?

No. If a player reaches base due to a fielder's error, the batter does not receive credit for a hit, but does get credit for an at-bat. Therefore, the batter's average will descend, but the batter's on-base percentage will increase.

What are the outfield positions called in baseball?

Right Fielder, Center Fielder, and Left Fielder.

Does the batter get a hit when the baseball he hits then hits the runner moving from 1st base to 2nd?

If a batted ball that a fielder has no chance to field hits a runner, the runner is called out and the batter is credited with a single.

Who is credited with a put out when a batters is called out for hitting a pitch while out of the batters box?

In general, if a player is called out, but not due to a fielder touching the ball, then the fielder closest to the ball at that time gets credit for the putout. This includes when a batter bats in an illegal manner -- even when he bats out of order.

Is prince fielder a right handed batter?

both right and left

Is it an at bat if a batter hits into a fielder choice?

yes it is 0-1

If there is a runner third base and he hits the ball to the shortstop and he throws to home plate and he is safe Is the batter credited with a hit or a fielder's choice?

That would be considered a fielder's choice. defines a fielder's choice as: "A play made on a ground ball in which the fielder chooses to put out an advancing base runner, thus allowing the batter to reach first base safely." Even though, in your question, the runner was not put out at home the play would be scored a fielder's choice and the batter would be credited with an RBI.

HOW can a batter get on base without a hit?

He can either get thrown 4 balls or if he swings and misses the 3rd strike and the catcher drops it, he can run to the base. Other ways: Error by a fielder allows the batter to reach first. Fielder's choice, less than two outs. Fielder obstruction after batted ball. None of the above are counted as hits, but the batter still ends up on base. Batter hit by pitched ball. Catcher interferes with batter's swing (I've not only never seen this, I've not aware that it has ever been called in the last 75 years or so).

Who gets base when batter and fielder touch base at same time?

Not sure exactly what you're asking here. Neither a batter nor a base runner may INTERFERE with a fielder attempting to field a ball. If there's contact without interference, nothing happens. If a fielder is blocking the path of a base runner from reaching a base, the runner is definitely permitted to touch that fielder -- up to and including ramming his elbow into that fielder's neck.

What does L9 mean in baseball stats?

It means the batter line out to the right fielder.