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A kid I ran against at state from Blue Mound Meridian in Illinois ran a 4:39.

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Q: What is the fastest seventh grade boys mile time?
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What is the fastest seventh grade girls 800?

The fastest i have heard is 1:58 which is crazy but true. TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE. mile record is about 5:30

Seventh grade mile times?

Last year when I was in seventh grade I ran a 5:22. The fastest at my school the year before that was 5:09 (Though I expect to beat his time in eighth grade of 4:53)

What is the fastest 4th grade boys mile run?

some kid got five forty six

What is a good seventh grade boys mile time?

The time a 7th grade boys can different thing if they play a sport. Their time will be between 6-9mins. If they don't play a sport 7-12mins.

What is the fastest mile run in high school track for boys?

The record for the fastest mile run the high school track is 3.53.43.

Average mile time for a 12 year old boy?

I'm a seventh grade 12 year old girl that just ran the mile in 7.55... The boy's average was about 6 minutes flat with the fastest 4.57

What is the fastest mile ran by a fourth grade boy?


What is the average time for a seventh grade girls mile?

the average mile time for a seventh grade girl so she can maybe get a place is from a 7 minute mile and all the way down to a 6:10 mile. which is at there slowest time for a 7 minute mile now days its usually a lot faster.

What is the fastest mile ran by a fifth grader?

The fastest mile in 5th grade is ran by srikar karra in 2011 his mile time was 4:23:10 PRETTY COOL!

Fast seventh grade mile?

That would depend on several factors, such as your gender, your age, whether or not you've hit puberty, etc. If I remember correctly from seventh grade, the fastest people in my PE class got around 6 minutes, but I've heard of boys running closer to 5 minutes or so. That said, don't push yourself too hard in seventh grade. Especially if you haven't gotten your growth spurt, chances are you're going to get a lot faster later in life if you keep training.

What is a good first grade boys mile?

1 hour

What is the fastest eighth grade boys mile time?

i am in 6th grade and i ran it in 5:56 so if your in 8th grade and you cant run it in 5:56 you need some help In southwestern PA, we had a kid do a 4:38 in 2006

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