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The only real difference is the countries that are invited to participate.

All countries that have a National Olympic Committee may send athletes to the Olympic Games.

All countries that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations or are a territory of a member of the Commonwealth of Nations may send athletes to the Commonwealth Games.

There are a few sports competed in the Commonwealth Games that are not competed in the Olympics (lawn bowls, squash, and Netball). Olympic sports canoeing, sailing, and volleyball have never been competed in the Commonwealth Games.

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Q: What is the difference between the Olympics games and the commonwealth games?
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What is the difference between the commonwealth games and the Olympics?

The main differences between the Olympic and Commonwealth Games are:The counties that can compete; the olympic games are open to vistually every country in the world while the commonnwealth games are only open to counties in the British CommonwealthThe events that are included are different, with less sports being in the commonwealth games however there are some events that are in the commonwealth games and not in the Olympics (e.g. lawn bowls)The Olympics started in 1896 while the commonwealth games didn't start until 1930The olympic games last occured in 2008 and will next be in 2012 while the commonwealth games last occured in 2006 and will next be in 2010.The Olympics last 3 weeks while the commonwealth games last 2 weeks

Are the Commonwealth Games used in the Olympics?

No. The Commonwealth Games have no connection with the Olympics, although some athletes may participate in both.

What is the main different between commonwealth games and the olympic games?

The Commonwealth games are of those countries that are a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, of which there are 53 countries. They are mainly countries that were in the British Empire. Olympics is the whole world.

Which one has more sports Commonwealth or Olympics?

The Olympics has more sports than the Commonwealth Games.

What are the commonwealth games called this year?

commonwealth games are called this year Olympics game

What is the difference between th olympic games and the commonwealth games?

they are two deferent competitions both games are only for the unprofessional players but the commonwealth games are only for countries that used to be in the commonwealth =)

What is rhe differents between the commonwealth games and the olympic games?

The difference is the Commonwealth Games is only open to the members of the Commonwealth of Nations while the Olympic Games are open to the entire world.

What is the Commonwealth games in Glasgow 2014?

The Commonwealth games are a sort of mini Olympics open to people from members of the British Commonwealth

Why was the Commonwealth Games invented?

The common wealth games were invented as a alternative Olympics

Was there an Olympics in christchurch?

No, but there has been a Commonwealth Games held there in 1974.

I have to write a difficult text. I am not English and would like to understand well the difference What are the difference between Olympic game - Olympics games - Olympic and Olympics.?

No difference

What is the difference between the Commonwealth Games and Olympics?

Commonwealth is defined as: an international association consisting of the UK together with states that were previously part of the British Empire, and dependencies. If you notice, all the countries in the world can take part in the Olympics. In the Commonwealth games, only countries like England, Scotland, India, Australia, Jamaica etc. can take part. These are countries that were previously ruled on under the British government. Otherwise, the events are pretty much the same!