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they are two deferent competitions

both games are only for the unprofessional players but the commonwealth games are only for countries that used to be in the commonwealth


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Q: What is the difference between th olympic games and the commonwealth games?
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What is the difference between the Olympics games and the commonwealth games?

The only real difference is the countries that are invited to participate. All countries that have a National Olympic Committee may send athletes to the Olympic Games. All countries that are members of the Commonwealth of Nations or are a territory of a member of the Commonwealth of Nations may send athletes to the Commonwealth Games. There are a few sports competed in the Commonwealth Games that are not competed in the Olympics (lawn bowls, squash, and netball). Olympic sports canoeing, sailing, and volleyball have never been competed in the Commonwealth Games.

Difference between Commonwealth games Olympic games and Asian games?

The differences are the Olympic Games are open to all 201 countries that are members of the IOC (International Olympic Committee), the Commonwealth Games are only open to countries under the British monarchy and the Asian Games are exclusive to the Asian Continent and it's countries.

Did Russia play any games at the Commonwealth or the Olympic Games?

Russia is not a member of the Commonwealth of Nations and so is not eligible to participate in the Commonwealth Games. Russia is a major participant in the Olympic Games.

What is the main different between commonwealth games and the olympic games?

The Commonwealth games are of those countries that are a member of the Commonwealth of Nations, of which there are 53 countries. They are mainly countries that were in the British Empire. Olympics is the whole world.

Is haiti in the commonwealth games?

No the Olympic Games have never been held in Haiti

What would happen if the commonwealth games became more popular than the Olympic games?

This is unlikely to happen as the Commonwealth games are limited to countries from the British Commonwealth and are therefore a lot smaller than the Olympic Games.

What was the difference between greek historians and olympic games?

greek historians and olympic games read their poetry

Has america ever hosted the Olympic commonwealth games?

No, America has never hosted the Commonwealth Games as they are not part of the Commonwealth of Nations.

When did Hitler attended Commonwealth Games to show aryan suppremacy?

Never. He attended the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936, not the Commonwealth Games.

I have to write a difficult text. I am not English and would like to understand well the difference What are the difference between Olympic game - Olympics games - Olympic and Olympics.?

No difference

Where will the 2010 oylimpic games be held?

Firstly olympic is not spelt oylimpic secondary there are no olympic or commonwealth games that have or are going to be held in 2010

What is the prize for the third place at the olympic and the commonwealth games?

bronze metal