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The Olympics has more sports than the Commonwealth Games.

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2016-02-24 08:33:51
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What country first proposed the winter olympic games as separate from the traditional olympic games

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What other events were included in the ancient olympic games after the first ancient olympic games

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Q: Which one has more sports Commonwealth or Olympics?
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Is golf a 2014 commonwealth games sport?

No, Golf was not one of the sports included in the 2014 Commonwealth Games. It is actually a 2016 Olympics sport.

What are the latest sports in the 2012 Olympics?

Women's Boxing is one of the newest events and there are no new sports in the 2012 London Olympics

Name 4 sports in the Olympics?

Swimming is one.

What sports were never demonstration sports in the Olympics?

i realy only know one that is not demostrated still in the winter Olympics and that is women's ski jumping

Why is gymnastic an Olympics?

Because it's one of the hardest sports you can do.

Where did running first start in Olympics?

It was one of the earliest "sports" and was in the first Olympics in Greece in 776 BC.

What new sports were on show at the London 2012 Olympics?

BMX was one of them.

Does team sports only count for one medal in the Olympics?


What is the difference between summer and winter Olympics?

The Winter Olympics have competitions for sports that are considered 'cold weather sports' .... sports that can only be done on snow or ice. These sports include skiing, speed skating, and ski jumping. The Summer Olympics have competitions for sports that are considered 'warm weather sports'. These sports include athletics (track and field), marathon, and equestrian. There are Winter Olympics and Summer Olympics because you can play different sports in different seasons.

What was the pupose of the Olympics?

The Purpose of the Olympics is to how who is the best at each type of Sport. In early Athens, the Founder of the Olympics, they didn't have many sports; but the sports they did have were difficult, and sometimes very brutal. To be victorious at any one of these, was considered heroic.

When was fencing introduced into the Olympics?

Fencing is one of only four sports that has been in every Modern Olympics since their beginning.

How many athletes from Malawi are competing in the commonwealth games 2014?

Zambia had 30 athletes competed in eight different sports at the 2014 Commonwealth Games. Sadly no one won a Commonwealth Games medal.

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