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This is unlikely to happen as the Commonwealth games are limited to countries from the British Commonwealth and are therefore a lot smaller than the Olympic Games.

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Q: What would happen if the commonwealth games became more popular than the Olympic games?
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What would consequences be if commonwealth games became more popular than Olympics?

This is unlikely to happen as the Commonwealth games are limited to countries from the British Commonwealth and are therefore a lot smaller than the Olympic Games.

What would be some possible consequences should the commonwealth games become more popular than the Olympic games?

it would never happen . i have the same question i have to anser and i put stuff like : the olympic games might not be able to sell as meny tickets and stuf like that :)

When will the 38th Olympic games happen?

The 38th Olympic Games will happen in 2050.

When did Commonwealth Sailing Championships happen?

Commonwealth Sailing Championships happened in 2003.

Where did the 1990 commonwealth games happen?

The 1990 Commonwealth Games were held in Auckland, New Zealand.

When did Commonwealth Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship happen?

Commonwealth Rhythmic Gymnastics Championship happened in 2002.

Which town in the isle of man is the commonwealth games being held?

While I am not a sports fan, I happen to know the 20l2 Olympiad ( Olympic Games, the Five Ring thing)- is scheduled to take place in the environs of London, not the Isle of Man.

When did Olympic Gold happen?

Olympic Gold happened in 1992.

When did Olympic Decathlon happen?

Olympic Decathlon happened in 1981.

When did Olympic Ice happen?

Olympic Ice happened in 2006.

Do they have the commonwealth games every 2 years or 4 years?

The commonwealth games happen every four years.

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When are the commonwealth games happening it India?

it will happen in 2010 between 3-14 october

In which country next cwg will happen?

The 2014 Commonwealth games will be held in Glasgow, Scotland.

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