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Q: If a batter stands close to home plate when batting is he an inside batter or an outside batter?
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What is the name of the batting circle on a softball field?

The On Deck circle, because its where the batter that is on deck stands

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It stands for first, outside, inside, last.

What does the pitcher do on a baseball team?

The pitcher stands 60 feet and 6 inches away batting plate and tries to strike the batter out.

How many umpires are there in rounders?

I'm not quite sure but i think there are two, a batting umpire and a bowling umpire. the batting umpire stands sideways on from the batter, and the bowling umpire stands behind 2nd base. Hope that helped! Rosina Ahmed, 13 years old

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Who stands behind the batter in rounders?


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The word "inside" is an adverb when it stands alone modifying a verb. "We went inside." If it has a noun following it, it is a preposition (with an object). "We went inside the store." Inside can also be a noun (a place) and adjective (meaning private from the outside), as well as an adverb and preposition.

What does abbreviation BB stands for in Baseball?

BB is an abbreviation for Base on Balls, or a walk. When a batter advances to first base after the pitcher throws four balls outside of the strike zone.

If a fielder jumps over the wall and lands in the stands before catching a foul ball or a home run is the batter out?

No, if the fielder is out of the field of play (in the stands), then the batter is not out.

Is a ball caught in the stands an out?

no the batter gets a home run and its not a out


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