What is the best speedball gun under 500?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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I am a fan of the slg, but it has some minor problems, but it is a good gun for 200. I have a dangerous power g3 that runs for about 300, I am in love with that gun. Dont get any of the smart parts garbage, not even a shocker

at best the SLG is a high entry level marker, it is a sear tripped blowforward, anything with a sear is not worthy of being called mid end, the G3, has a host of issues and in todays market is a pretty poor attempt at an unbalanced spool, compared to other unbalanced spools (mainly the PMR and ion XE) it is much louder, has more kick, gets worse efficiency and tends to break more offten, for that 200-300 price range look into a used PMR, Mini, or if you can find it a used F8, these will be your best options in the mid range category that will do wonderful at speedball

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That's a matter of preference really. However you might want to look at the latest markers from...

DyePlanet EclipseSmart PartsMac Dev

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The best guns for beginners are the beginner teir mechanical Tippmann and spyder-type guns. This includes all Tippmann 98 types like the BT4 and Sypder clones like the azodin Kaos.

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planet eclipse etek 3 lt

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Q: What is the best speedball gun under 500?
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Best paintball gun for speedball?

The best gun is the Proto Matrix Rail '08. The ramping modes are great for speed ball. The light mobility allows you to speed to the top bunkers. The electronic gun is designed to fit many game types. Speedball mainly.

What is the best gun for under 500 dollars?

Impossible to answer. "Best" is a meaningless term until you quantify it. Are you talking about a long gun or a hand gun? New or used? What will it be used for?

What is a good starter speedball gun 100 160?


Is the SP-1 a good paintball gun?

for woodsball yes its a good gun but not so much for speedball

What is a good shotgun for under 500?

gun shop for 457

Are woodsball guns allowed in speedball?

Yes! though it is not reccomended. Speedball guns are usually faster and lighter then your normal woodsball gun. But ive seen plenty of guys dominate with a Tippmann.

Would you recommend a pump action gun in speedball?

No. One of the differences between speedball and all other paintball games is that Rate of Fire is key to pinning people down, and winning games. A pump gun would be a terrible idea against automatics in such close quarters.

I own a pm7 at the moment with dye ul barrel and ul frame the shot is off 10 feet to the right in woodsball long range but it works great in speedball. What gun is the best for woodsball?

If you got a new barrel or learned to adjust for the curve while shooting, it would make an excellent woods ball gun as a front player (sometimes called "dagger" on other sites), which use "speedball" guns anyway. If you dont play very aggressively, however you should get another gun for woodsball. The best Woodsball gun for the price is the SP1 with black heart board and an apex barrel.

What is a good beginner speedball paintball gun?

beginner.... spyder, kingman once you get advanced more like an angel or dye

What is the best airsoft aeg smg?

The Crosman Mini Uzi... it has about 500 fps and is the best gun evar

Is a vl Triton 2 a good paintball gun?

it depends, if u are just starting paintball and dont want to spend 1000's of dollars then this is a decent gun. it can be upgradable later on if desired. this is a entry style speedball gun.

What is the best 100-200 dollar paintball gun?

It depends what game you play (speedball, woodsball), what your position is (front, mid, back) , how often you play, and how much are you willing to pay for accessories to go with it (loader, tank, paint).