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beginner.... spyder, kingman once you get advanced more like an angel or dye

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Q: What is a good beginner speedball paintball gun?
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Is the SP-1 a good paintball gun?

for woodsball yes its a good gun but not so much for speedball

Is a spyder a good paintball gun?

No never buy a spyder i play speedball and its a horrible gun for that but even for woodsball i still wouldnt use it.

Is a vl Triton 2 a good paintball gun?

it depends, if u are just starting paintball and dont want to spend 1000's of dollars then this is a decent gun. it can be upgradable later on if desired. this is a entry style speedball gun.

Is viewloader a good paintball gun brand?

If your a beginner. It's ok, but don't get it if you have been playing for a while. All and all, no, not really.

What brand of paintball pistol is the best for a beginner?

When someone is just doing paintball for the first time they need a paintball gun that is easy to use and light. The recommended one is a Tippman 98. Any of the variants will be good.

Is sw1 paintball gun a good gun?

It will preform the same as the bt4 and the tippmann 98. It is a beginner marker, so compared to the entire market it is not "good" I is however an excellent starter marker.

Best paintball gun for speedball?

The best gun is the Proto Matrix Rail '08. The ramping modes are great for speed ball. The light mobility allows you to speed to the top bunkers. The electronic gun is designed to fit many game types. Speedball mainly.

What is a good starter speedball gun 100 160?


What is a good paintball gun for beginners 2010?

The new Azodin ATS and Tippmann Carver one are two you should look into for beginner markers.

Is the jt outkast a good beginner paintball gun?

No, even though it is cheap, it is not of very good quality and will break after several games. You should never spend less then 100 dollars on a paintball gun (new at least) if you want to play for more than a month.

Is the 2009 spyder PILOT a paintball gun?

Yes, it is a beginner level semi automatic marker.

Is the stingray paintball gun good?

its a good starter gun

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