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Elephant brand skateboards or Dogtown skateboards.

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Q: What skateboard brands are best for vert skating?
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What is the best skateboard brand for skate park skating?

any light board is good 4 vert like enjoi

Which is the best skateboarding brand?

There is not a "best" brand its all about personal preferance but some brands offer or cater to certain styles of skateboarding such as vert skating, street skating, fasion skating, and popular skaters e.g. element skateboards

What are the best bearings for vert skating?

bone reds

Im 18 years old and just beginning to skateboard you were wanting to know what is the best length for the skateboard?

test them out not any ones that are to little for you or to big for you but when you go to your shop stand on the deck and see which one you like best depending on if you skate vert or street you could start with a 7.5 width deck. that's the best for all around skating.

How did tony hawks become famous?

skating vert and landing the first 900 skating vert and landing the first 900

Are skateboard lessons helpful if you want to skateboard better?

Yes, Especially on vert.

What is vert skating?

skateboarding on mini-ramps and half pipes

Is a plan b skateboard better in vert or street?


How do you do a 900 on a skateboard?

if you're not a veteran pro vert skater it's a suicide mission

What are the different divisions in skateboarding?

There are Longboarding, Street Skating(I prefer that), and Vert.(Ramps)

What is a complete skateboard?

a Complete Skateboard is a fully assembled deck, wheels, trucks and grip-tape ready to for you to skate. Often, complete skateboards (called "completes") have most of their parts from one brand, and there are a lot of good quality completes out there. There are a lot of brands, shapes and sizes of complete skateboards available on the market. Knowing which one to buy could overwhelm you to the point of giving up! The key points to establish before going shopping, is to make a discussion on what kind of skateboard you are after: A classic skateboard, a long-board or a street/vert board. Here, I will try to explain and help you in finding what kind of skateboard you after and what skateboard brands are out there. Good Luck!

Who is the best vert skateboarder in the world?

Tony Hawk is best skateboarder in the VERT categorie

What is the best brand of skateboard for a 13 year old?

zero or baker birdhouse almost or foudation the brand is personal preference. what matters is the dimensions of the deck, which varies depending on if you ride vert or street

What size of skateboard wheels are considered small medium or large?

Small: 49, 50, 51, 52 Medium: 53, 54, 55, large: 56 and up Small is good for street skating. medium is good for both street and vert large for vert and long boards. hope this helped.

When did Brandon Davis become a professional vert skater?

Brandon Davis is a professional vert skater from Orange County, California. He began vert skating in 2002, at the young age of 13. Merely 3 years later Brandon turned professional in 2005.

What is a skating vert?

there are three types of skateboarding: 1)street(grinds on the street railings and stuff) 2)flatland freestyle(check out Rodney mullen japan 1984 on youtube) 3) Vert (skating on a skatepark on quarterpipes halfpipes loops etc.)

What is the size of an average skateboard?

7.75 to 8.25 it depends on what you skate, usually a larger board for vert and a smaller board for streat.

Why is Tony Hawk such a poser?

im not a tony hawk fan or a fan of vert skating, but your an idiot. tony hawk isn't a poser, im sure he is a lot better at skating than you.

Why is Tony Hawk famous?

He Won alot of medals, And became the first to land a 900Medsls he one:•X Games Medal RecordSilver 1995 StreetGold 1995 Vert SinglesSilver 1996 Vert SinglesGold 1997 Vert SinglesGold 1997 Vert DoublesBronze 1998 Vert SinglesGold 1998 Vert DoublesGold 1999 Vert DoublesGold 1999 Vert Best TrickGold 1999 Vert SinglesGold 2000 Vert DoublesGold 2001 Vert DoublesSilver 2001 Vert Best TrickGold 2002 Vert DoublesBronze 2002 Vert Best TrickGold 2003 Vert Best Trick1st in 2002 X Games : vert doubles with Andy MacDonald3rd in 2002 X Games : vert best trick2nd in 1988 Vision Skate Ecape : vert1st in 1986 Transworld Skateboarding Championships held in Vancouver, BC : vert1st in 1984 NSA-Del Mar Skatepark (California) : vert1st in 1983 Del Mar Spring Nationals (California): vert1st in 1982 Rusty Harris Series final contest : vertPlaced in top 5 in 1980 Van's/Offshore Amateur State Finals in California for Boys Division, 11 to 13 years old.

Who is the best vert skater?

There is no "best" but some of the top vert skaters are Danny Way, Tony Hawk and Bob Burnquist.

Do most pro skateboarders wear helmets?

Skateboarders don't usually wear helmets unless skating a vert ramp

Did tony hawk completed in the Olympics?

no he did not his profession is vert skating which means he uses a lot of halfpipes and skateboarding is not a sport in the olympics.

Size 13 shoe what size skateboard should you use?

If you street skate then you should get a 7.75 but if you are more of a vert person you should at least get a 8.

Is this a good skateboard 31 x 8 9-ply full sheet maple?

Ya but 8 Is a little thick for street. It's for vert.

When and how did Skateboarding become an extreme sport today?

Skateboarding became a extreme sport today by what people did with the sport back when they invented it. The most extreme way of skateboarding is by vert skating. Which by the most part is showed the most by Tony Hawk, a professional vert skater. ----