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Preferable u should use a cheddar smokey and shove it up ur bum and let the cheeze drip down ur hairy bum

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Q: What is the best hockey lace style in lacrosse for a Attack?
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What is the best lacrosse stringing for an attack player?

probally durro mesh is the best lacrosse stringing for an attack player because it has the most control and the best shot

Can you use boy's lacrosse gloves for indoor field hockey?

They provide padding for the hands of the players. Boy's lacrosse glove allow the best flexibility and comfort for the player's hands. -from a indoor field hockey player

What is the best cheap attack lacrosse shaft?

brine f55 or warrior thriller

What is the best lacrosse head for an attack player?

It really depends on how you like the stick. There are specific attack heads but also some that can be used for all positions. It depends on what works best for u

What is a good lacrosse head for attack?

i hear the brine clutch is very good for attack and midfield and it is very reasonably priced. get the first clutch though its the best

Best lacrosse head?

there are many good lacrosse heads. attack- evo, evo 2.0, etc. with the evos. middie- proton power. defence- revo, super proton power. I'm sure there is more but these i think are the best.

What are the best arm pads for attack in lacrosse?

i play attack and i have the maverik zoom attack arm guard. i think they are the best arm guard out there. theyre mad comfy and have gr8 protection. i think the stx cells are really good too.

What are the best lacrosse gloves?

the best lacrosse gloves are the mac daddies

What is the best brand of girls lacrosse sticks to use while playing defence?

I play both attack and defense and I have found that the best stick to use in general is a harrow stick. I have the tapered shaft. In my opinion, it is the best for both attack and defense.

Is lacrosse the best sport in the US?

Its not even in the top 5, lacrosse is hockey for people who can't skate. Since skating is a talent that takes years to master and most Americans want everything and to be good at everything they do the first time they try it.

Where can you get the best deals on lacrosse shafts?

Storm lacrosse in utah

What is the best sport for women's college scholarships?

Basketball with full rides. Softball, Soccer, Lacrosse, swimming and Field Hockey with partials unless the plater is extremely good.

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