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Q: What is the basic way to score in ping pong?
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Is Brett good at ping pong?

Brett is not very good at ping pong, but is very good at swimming, and on his way to being a pro. He actually really sucks at ping pong, though he does practice a lot

Is there a way to change a standard table into a ping pong conversion table?

There is no way to change a standard table into ping pong conversion table as it has specific requirements which a standard table can not fulfill. Sorry It can not be.

What was important about ping-pong diplomacy-?

Ping Pong diplomacy is played on a tennis table. This is known as a game.

How much does an outdoor ping pong table cost?

The price of an outdoor ping pong table varies greatly. Prices for outdoor ping pong tables can range from $199.95 all the way up to $1,500.00. They can be purchased at stores such as Sears, Target, Walmart, and online at Amazon.

Name any three computer viruses?

Three computer viruses are ping-pong, acid and 1260. Ping-pong is considered as a harmless virus. It does not affect most computers in a negative way.

What burns like a ping pong ball?

Do you mean what chemical is in a ping pong ball that makes it burn the way it does? Camphor is one of the main components of ping pong balls, and it is extremely flammable. they also contain nitro cellulose which is a major component in gun cotton which is also highly flammable did u know that flammable and inflammable are the same thing

What was important about ping pong dioplomacy?

it aloud the united states and china to open the way for talks on more serious issues

Is a golf ball bigger than a ping pong ball?

Golf ball is significantly larger. Golf ball sized and ping pong size are mostly used to measure hail sizes. A golf ball is bigger but not by much. Inches. 1 1/2 Ping Pong Ball Size 1 3/4 Golf Ball Size

What is the world record for keeping a ping pong ball in the air?

is 125 bounces.that is not correct it's way more.

If your playing ping pong and a person hits it off the table but the other person hits it any way who's point is it?

If your opponent hits the ping pong ball off the tablewith out the ball physically touching the table, and you still hit back on the table the point still goes to you.

What made ping pong a sport?

It is like tennis on a table. It's called ping pong from the Chinese language because it's a popular Chinese sport. However, the European first started playing it, which made it qualify to be an Olympic sport. This was way before the Americans started playing it.

What was important about ping pong diplomacy?

By having officials work behind the scenes, ping pong diplomacy allowed diplomats to conduct negotiations without public or political pressure.

How can you make the squeezed ping pong ball round and full again?

It is hard to make the squeezed ping pong ball round and full because the way it is round is because of the air inside of the ball so once you have squeezed it the air has been lost so you need to add more air some how.

Is ping pong a contact sport?

No it is not. But then again, it is. Depends on what your definition of "contact sport" is. In most cases, ping pong is not a contact sport for it contains no actual physical contact between the players as you would see in hockey or football (which are full contact, or collision, sports). According to another definition, ping pong, in a way, is a contact sports because there is physical contact between the player and the ball (when you go to serve the ball, you are holding it. This is considered contact between player and object).

In what way is a membrane fluid?

it moves very water-like, almost like the phospholipids are floating ping pong balls on water always adjusting.

How do you play ping pong toss?

You need to clarify your question. What do you mean by "ping pong toss"? For example -- which of the following best clarifies your question-- or can you clarify your question better than any of the following:1) Is "ping pong toss" the name of a special game in ping pong ?2) What is the proper way to toss the ball up when serving in the game of ping pong?3) Are you using the word "toss" to mean, "how is a game began?" -- which is not a "toss", but actually hiding and then picking the ball to determine who starts serving in the game (and the other person gets to choose their side of the table; even though the sides shouldn't really matter).Nov. 13, 2006 -- Joe Gervais (id = JoeG314) -- TT player in Saint Paul, Minnesota[google: Joe G TT info]

What is the object of this game ping pong?

The object of any game is to win. To do this, you must hit the ball over the net in a way that is difficult for your opponent to return. That is how you get points.

Can they get Titanic out of water?

Titanic is irretrievable. Many ideas were out forth, like ping-pong balls and the like, but there's no way to raise the wreck without destroying her.

What were the consequences of ping pong diplomacy?

It open negotiations between USA and china in non threatening sportsmanship way. This led to Nixon's visits to china and eventually Beijing hosting 2008 Olympics

What the difference between Buddhist teachings and Hindu teachings?

Buddhist is all about the rice and ping pong in the ching chong with ur ding dongs, but Hindu is all about Tilak Patel's teachings and way of Curry.

How do you reduce ping on Battlefield 2?

There is no way to reduce ping in BF2 the only way your ping will be better is if you have a better internet speed.

What lyrics to a house music dance song ding dong bim bom makes my life a sing song and It's just the way you do the things you do my heart skips a beat for you?

ping pong by the endangered species, strictly rhythm, 1992

Why placing a dented table tennis ball in boiling water is one way to remove the dent in the ball?

The heat will cause the air inside the table-tennis ball (ping pong ball) to expand and so push the dint out.

What is the best way to launch a ping pong ball using a mousetrap?

you should not try this but if you really want to here are the staps1. put the ping pong ball where you would put the cheese2. closed the trap3. aim front of mouse trap where you want the ball to fly4. open the trap with a push5. fireremember be careful

What is the difference between the two sides of a ping pong patel?

The differences between the two sides of a ping pong "patel" as you refer to it ( in table tennis terms it is called a "racket") is that the same rubber can be used on both sides...or...two different types can be used. Some types of table tennis rubber are used for more spin while others are used for less spin. Either way, in official competition, one side must be red and the other side black. Red and black were chosen because they are more easily reckonized.