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Do you mean what chemical is in a ping pong ball that makes it burn the way it does? Camphor is one of the main components of ping pong balls, and it is extremely flammable. they also contain nitro cellulose which is a major component in gun cotton which is also highly flammable did u know that flammable and inflammable are the same thing

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Q: What burns like a ping pong ball?
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Can a ping pong ball be balanced on another ping pong ball?

no , it cannot

What sport has a smaller ball ping pong or squash?

I think ping pong has a smaller ball

What is a ping pong ball?

It is a small ball that you hit back and forth on a ping pong table.

Average speed of ping-pong ball?

What is the average speed of a ping pong ball in the olympics?

How heavy is a ping pong ball in grams?

A ping pong ball is usually 2.7 grams.

How many ping pong ball you need to cover 300scare feet?

22179.7 when the diameter of a ping pong ball is 40 mm I found the area of a ping pong ball and divided 300 sq ft by the area of one ping pong ball.

Is the gas inside a ping pong ball poisonous?

No ... the inside of a ping pong ball is filled with air. Click on the 'Inside of a Ping Pong Ball' link below to learn more.

Can you lift a one pound weight with a ping pong ball?

Depends how hard the ping pong ball is.

How many cm is a ping pong ball?

A standard ping pong ball has a diameter of about 4 cm.

Why do you put a ping pong ball in a hot cup of tea?

This is a method to repair a dented ping pong ball.

Where does the word ping pong originate from?

Well, an ancient being from centuries ago hit a ping pong ball with his or her paddle. When the ball hit the paddle it made a 'ping' sound. The ball rebounded of the paddle and hit the table, making a 'pong' sound. Ping pong was then born.

Is a ping pong ball an element or a compound?

A ping pong ball is not an element or a compound. It is made of celluloid or plastic, which is a complex mixture of different elements and compounds.