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the average girl should run at the least 5minutes and 30 seconds for a half mile run

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Q: What is the average time for a 13 year old girl's half mile run?
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Average time a mile and a half walk?

about 30 mins

What is the average time for a half mile run?

from 2 and half minutes to 3 minutes.

Average time for a mile and a half run?

12 - 15 minutes

How long to run half a mile?

An average person can run one mile in 7 to 10 minutes, so take half of that time.

What is the average time it takes a thorough bred to run a half mile?

At the top levels of thoroughbred racing in the United States, a horse can run a half mile in an average of 44-49 seconds. The 44 second half mile is very rare, however.

What is the average time for a seventh grade girls mile?

the average mile time for a seventh grade girl so she can maybe get a place is from a 7 minute mile and all the way down to a 6:10 mile. which is at there slowest time for a 7 minute mile now days its usually a lot faster.

What is the average 11 year old girls running time for 1 mile?

Around 14 minutes to run a mile but that depends on your breathing and weight

How long does it take to walk a mile and a half?

How long it takes to walk a mile and a half depends on the stride of the step and how fast the person is walking. An average time would be about 10 minutes.

What is average time for a high school girl to run a mile?

most of the girls in my class do it in under 10:30

Is a 5 48 an average mile time?

5:48 is definitely above average for a mile time. An average mile time would be anywhere from 7-8 minutes.

What is an average time for a mile in middle school?

the average time to run the mile in middle school is 9.58

By age and weight what is the average running time for 1 mile?

I am a fifth grade 11 year old boy and i can run a 2:45 half mile and a 5:55 mile and i am 5ft5.

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