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15 t0 20ish

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Q: What is the average time for 100 meter dash for a fifty year old?
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What is average sprint time for boys 100 meter dash?


What is the average Olympic time for 100 meter dash?

its usually 8-9 seconds

Im 12 and i ran a 100 meter dash in 11 seconds?

A 12 year old's average time for the 100 meter dash, should be about 15 or 16 seconds.

What is the formula for converting a sixty meter dash time into a fifty five meter dash time?

You could get a rough estimate by dividing by 60, and multiplying by 55. However, you can't really convert from one to the other, because the human body doesn't work that way.

What is a above average 400 meter dash time for a14 year old male?


What is the average time for 14 year olds in the 50 meter dash?

An average time for a 14-year-old running the 50 meter dash is around 9 seconds. For a 100 meter dash, it would be about 13 seconds.

What is a good 100 meter time for a fifty year old male?

I'm 55-1/2 years old and I ran the dash this morning in 17 seconds.

What is the average time anyone has ran the 55 meter dash?

Well I haven't really ran it yet but the average time would be 6 seconds flat. Good luck

What is pete's 40 yard dash if he ran a 5.0 40 meter dash?

His 5.0 40-meter dash translates to a time of 4.572 seconds in the 40-yard dash.

What is their average time for a college sprinter in the 400 meter dash?

im in college my PB is 58.09 im mostly avrage when i compete

What would be the 100 meter time of an athlete that ran 10.2 100 yard dash Is it possible to compare 100 yard times to 100 meter times?

A reliable way to convert a hand-held 100-yard time to an electronic 100-meter time is to multiply the hh-time by 1.103. Therefore, 10.2 in the 100-yard dash time equates to an 11.25 100-meter dash time. Also, to convert an electronic 100-yard dash time to an electronic 100-meter dash time, multiply the first time by 1.088. For example, a 10.20 electronic 100-yard time equates to an 11.10 electronic 100-meter dash time.

What is a slow time for the 200 meter dash?

45 seconds.