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Highest average punt in length record was set in 1997 at 40.5 yards. Lowest was set in 1957 at 34.8 yards. 2004 was 39.9. NCAA does not record "hang-time" as far as I know. Probably a little over 4 seconds.

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Q: What is the average punt in length and hang time in college football?
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What is the average punt in length and hang time in NFL football?

About 45 yards per punt, and the average hang time would be right around 4.5 seconds. Therefore, the punt team would need to travel a yard per 0.1 seconds to reach the punt returner by the time he catches it.

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Hang time is generally a statistic used with punters and is the number of seconds elasped from the time the ball is punted (leaves the punter's foot) until the time the ball is caught by the punt returner. The longer the hang time is the better chance the punting team has to run down field and cover the punt successfully. A hang time under 4 seconds is considered poor, 4 to 4.25 seconds average, and over 4.25 seconds as good.

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