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8 seconds

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Q: What is the longest hang time for a NFL punt?
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What was the average hang time for a punt in the NFL during the 2004-2005 regular season?


What is the average punt in length and hang time in NFL football?

About 45 yards per punt, and the average hang time would be right around 4.5 seconds. Therefore, the punt team would need to travel a yard per 0.1 seconds to reach the punt returner by the time he catches it.

What was the average hang time for a punt in the nfl during the 2008-2009 regular season?

4.1 seconds

Who recorded the longest punt in the NFL?

The longest punt in NFL history was 98 yards by Steve O'Neal of the New York Jets in a game against the Denver Broncos in 1969. Although the kick was made before the AFL-NFL merger in 1970 (the Jets and Broncos were American Football League teams), the punt is still recognized as the longest punt in the history of the NFL.

Who kicked the 63 yard punt?

that's a random punt number and unsignificant, the longest nfl punt was 98 yards... but the longest field goal was 63 yards by Jason elam

What is the longest punt in NFL history?

98 yards, by Steve O'Neal, NY Jets, 1969

How far do you have to punt to be in the nfl?

You should be able to punt at least 45 yards if you are in the NFL. Some punters can punt much further than this.

What are the longest punt return in NFL history?

Devin Hester 99 Yards go bears go bears go bears

Is it illegal to stand out of bounds to catch a punt in the NFL?

You cannot catch a punt while out of bounds in the NFL.

Who holds the Longest punt average in NFL history?

Season: Sammy Baugh of the Washington Redskins with 51.4 yards per punt in 1940.Career: Through the 2008 season, Shane Lechler of the Oakland Raiders with 46.9 yards per punt.

Who had the longest punt in the 2008 NFL season?

around 75 yard airtime and after hitting the gound 10 yards a total of 85 yards

How long was the nfl's longest punt?

98 yards by Steve O'Neal of the New York Jets against the Denver Broncos on September 21, 1969.

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