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We cannot see your diagram so we do not know who Player R might be nor whether he or she can return a punt.

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Q: Can player R return a punt after the ball comes to a rest in high school?
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What are those things called on bowling when the ball comes back?

It goes through a ball return

If a player who was in the game prior to a time out fails to return to play when the ball is entered but later comes off the bench into the field of play is that a violation?


How many times can a player touch the ball with their racket with each return?


What is an extented point in tennis called?

A rally is defined as: A series of return hits of the ball that ends when one or other player fails to return the ball within the court boundary or fails to return a ball that falls within the play area. Source:

What happens when the serve is hit to a player in tennis?

Then the opposing player must return the ball to compete for the current point.

What sports personality should you go to school as?

basket ball player

If defensive player holds ball while offensive player jumps up and comes back down is this traveling or jump ball in international rules basketball?

its traveling

Can a defensive player pull an offensive player apart from the ball when their is a reception in the end zone in football?

no , the offensive player has to have control or it is an incomplete pass. if offensive player hits the ground and ball comes out it is an incomplete pass.

If a player in basketball saves the ball from going out of bounds but he himself goes out and then comes back and picks up the ball is this ok?

Yep, you can do that

What is important about a tennis ball for a tennis player?

The tennis ball needs to have a very good bounce so that the player can hit it most times it comes to them it also needs to be firm

In Tennis do you still gain a point if you return a ball after the opposing player hits it out of bounds and it has already bounced?

yes u still get the point b/c the ball was out causeing the ball to be dead and u get the point if the oppising player hit the ball out of bounds on a RETURN if the opposing player served it and it was out they get 1 more do over and if it is out again u get the point whether u hit it back or not b/c once its out its dead

In rounders if a player hits the ball behind accidentally what must they do next?

They must run to first base and wait for the ball to return over the line. Accident or not! :(

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