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About 45 yards per punt, and the average hang time would be right around 4.5 seconds. Therefore, the punt team would need to travel a yard per 0.1 seconds to reach the punt returner by the time he catches it.

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Q: What is the average punt in length and hang time in NFL football?
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What is the average punt in length and hang time in college football?

Highest average punt in length record was set in 1997 at 40.5 yards. Lowest was set in 1957 at 34.8 yards. 2004 was 39.9. NCAA does not record "hang-time" as far as I know. Probably a little over 4 seconds.

What is the average hang time of a punt in high school?

The average highschool punt average Hang time is about 3.65-3.90 Anything over 4 would not be considered average.

How do you compute the average length of a football punt?

Add the distance of all punts together and divide by the number of punts.

What is the average distance of a punt in college football?

30.4 yards per punt

What is the average punt in length in high school football?

35-50 yards. 50 is a tremendous boot. So the farther the better :)

How is the length of a punt in football determined?

from the line of scrimmage to where it is recovered/goes out of bounds

What was the average hang time for a punt in the NFL during the 2004-2005 regular season?


What was the average hang time for a punt in the nfl during the 2008-2009 regular season?

4.1 seconds

When is a punt allowed in football?

A punt attempt can be made on any down.

Who was the first pro football player to lead in punt and kickoff averages in the same season?

In all of American professional football, that was Chuck Fenenbock of the 1946 Los Angeles Dons of the All American Football Conference (AAFC). He averaged 28.7 yards on kickoff returns and 18.7 yards on punt returns. In the American Football League, that was Bill Thompson of the 1969 Denver Broncos with a 28.5 yard kickoff return average and a 11.5 yard punt return average. In the National Football League, that was Mel Gray of the 1991 Detroit Lions with a 25.8 yard average on kickoff returns and a 15.4 yard average on punt returns.

What is a punt in football?

A punt in football tends to be when the football is hit with the toes, rather then the inside of the foot or the laces of the boot. Punt is sometimes used to describe hitting the ball very hard and out of control. 'punt it' upfield, rather then pass it upfield. Punt also is a slang term for putting a bet on. 'having a punt on the horses'

What is the longest hang time for a NFL punt?

8 seconds

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