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it doesnt matter. but it should be fast and accurate

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Q: What is the average overhand throwing speed in softball for a 14u player?
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What is the average salary for Women's Professional Softball Player?

The average salary for professional softball player jobs is $53,000. Average professional softball player salaries can vary greatly due to company, location, industry, experience and benefits. This salary was calculated using the average salary for all jobs with the term "professional softball player" anywhere in the job listing.

What do you have to do to become a college softball player?

You must have atleast a C average in your corses, and you need to be good softball player.

What is the average salary for a softball player?

$10000.500 a year

How much throws is a softball player supposed to throw a day?

A softball player is supposed to throw 400 balls a day but if your throwing with a partner than its 800 because than you and your partner each throw 400 balls.

What is an a overhand in badminton?

When the player hits overhand extending the forearm. When serving overhand the shuttlecock is typically thrown up, then hit with an extended arm upwards.

How much does a softball player get paid a year?

The average salary of a Professional Softball player is around $6,000 per season. However, just as in baseball, it depends on the players talent and position.

What is a put out in softball?

it is when a player fields the ball, and then makes an out at a base without any help (ie, not throwing the ball, rather, playing the base themselves)

Who was betty Chapman the softball player?

She was the first professional softball player

What is the average salary of a professional softball player?

what is the salary for jessica mendoza what is the salary for jessica mendoza

How much money do professional softball players make?

The average salary for a professional fastpitch softball player is $5,000 to $6,000. The season lasts from June through August.

Why did softball player Jennifer Sharron be involved in sports?

She became a softball player because as a young child she always enjoyed softball

Are the jobs of a softball player hard to get?

yes you need to work hard to get the job of a softball player and by the way softball i hard to play!!!!

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