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The average highschool punt average Hang time is about 3.65-3.90

Anything over 4 would not be considered average.

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Q: What is the average hang time of a punt in high school?
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What is the average punt in length and hang time in NFL football?

About 45 yards per punt, and the average hang time would be right around 4.5 seconds. Therefore, the punt team would need to travel a yard per 0.1 seconds to reach the punt returner by the time he catches it.

Can a blocked punt be advanced at the high school level?


What was the average hang time for a punt in the NFL during the 2004-2005 regular season?


What is the average punt in length in high school football?

35-50 yards. 50 is a tremendous boot. So the farther the better :)

What was the average hang time for a punt in the nfl during the 2008-2009 regular season?

4.1 seconds

What is the average punt in length and hang time in college football?

Highest average punt in length record was set in 1997 at 40.5 yards. Lowest was set in 1957 at 34.8 yards. 2004 was 39.9. NCAA does not record "hang-time" as far as I know. Probably a little over 4 seconds.

Who holds the longest punt in high school football in Ohio?

I was a punter for a team in Ohio in 1998 and my longest punt was 75 yards.

What is the longest hang time for a NFL punt?

8 seconds

Why punt on free kick?

Traditionally speaking one punts on a free kick (usually after a safety), because your average punt has a longer hang time than a placed kick. This allows the kicking team to get into position to tackle the ball carrier.

What is the average distance of a punt in college football?

30.4 yards per punt

Can player R return a punt after the ball comes to a rest in high school?

We cannot see your diagram so we do not know who Player R might be nor whether he or she can return a punt.

Who is the best punter in high school football?

Joseph Kerridge Avg. 46 Y/Punt 2008 Season Saint Francis High School Traverse City, Michigan Class 2011

How do you measure hang time in American football?

Hang time is generally a statistic used with punters and is the number of seconds elasped from the time the ball is punted (leaves the punter's foot) until the time the ball is caught by the punt returner. The longer the hang time is the better chance the punting team has to run down field and cover the punt successfully. A hang time under 4 seconds is considered poor, 4 to 4.25 seconds average, and over 4.25 seconds as good.

Which football is easiest to punt a high school size football an nfl size or a college size?

They are all the same size

Can the defence block the punt in high school football rule?

a punt may be blocked by the kicking team without penalty unless there is some other illegal act involved. As long as the kicked ball is touched prior to the blocker contacting the punter the contact is ignored. For exanmple If the punt blocker were to block the punt and then make helmet to helmet contact with the punter there would be a penalty for the illegal helmet contact but not the blocking of the punt.

In high school football can you punt on kick off?

No, I personally have never heard that you could. If the other team gets a safety though, then they get 2 points and the other team then has to punt the ball to them from I think the 20 yard line.

What is the average distance of a punt in the NFL?

45 yds

Is a blocked punt count towards your average?

No. Statistically, the attempt and the negative yardage from a blocked punt should be assessed to the "Team," not the punter.

What isl the Longest high school punt?

Pat Haley 1984 Wichita Falls Coyotes Back to back 79 and 78 yard punts

What is a long high kick?

A long high kick would also be considered a punt.

Average NFL kickoff return?

Average Kick off Return 22.8yds Average Punt return 9.3yds

What is the average height of a NFL punt?

The average height is about 38 feet.

What is the average speed of a punt in rugby?

about 70 mph initally from the boot.

How long was the longest high school punt?

Not sure exactily but I my personal best in high school was 75 yards. ******************** Punter/QB Greg Trotter Recorded in Junior High School Dunbar Jr High, Little Rock, Arkansas 77 yards. 1976 Dunbar vs Catholic Jr High school @ Forest Field. Longest punt known in Arkansas High School as well. This fall in the South Dakota High School Playoffs during extremely strongs winds which are common in the state a punt traveled 86 yards from the Huron Tiger 11 yard line to the Sioux Falls Washington 6 some where in there. The field was artificial turf. Two field goal attempts were blown back behind from where the kick originated from during other games at the same staduim that day

When did Punt Bama Punt happen?

Punt Bama Punt happened on 1972-12-02.