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9-10 years

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Q: What is the average career length of a ATP tennis player?
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What tennis player has also made a career in modeling?


How did the American tennis player Mary Pierce become famous?

American tennis player Mary Pierce became famous for being a successful professional tennis player. She ended her career after winning four different Grand Slam events.

What was Eric Fromm's best result in his tennis career?

Eric Fromm is a retired tennis player from the Unites States. Fromm's best result in his tennis career was reaching the fourth round in the French Open in 1993. He was beaten by Jimmy Connors.

What is Ilie Nastase's profession?

In the early 1970's, Ilie Nastase was the top professional tennis player in the world. His 19 year career as a professional tennis player began in 1966.

Who is Rocket Rod of tennis?

Rocket Rod refers to Rod Laver, an Australian former tennis player who holds the record for titles won in career.

What kind of products can be purchased from Pro Direct Tennis?

Pro Direct Tennis sell a variety of products that will aid anyone who want to pursue a career as a Tennis player - including tennis clothing, tennis shoes, tennis balls, tennis rackets and even a free personalisation of tennis rackets.

How many games does a profesional tennis player play during a year on average?

A professional tennis player does an average of 76 matches in a year. These are never-ending timetable of tension-filled tournaments and travel.

How many tennis games do professional women tennis players play in a year?

the average professional women tennis player plays about 23 games in a year.

What is the length of time during a game in tennis?

Most matches are best out of three sets. Unless one player completely destroys the other, matches will normally last about 90 minutes. Remember, there is no game clock that determines when the match ends. Matches could range from 25 minutes to 5 hours. It all depends on the players and how evenly they are matched.

What sport is Jim Courier associated with?

Jim Courier is associated with tennis. He used to be the number one professional tennis player in the United States. He started his professional tennis career in 1988 and retired in the year 2000.

How much money marin safin tennis player made?

Marat Safin is who I think you to mean (Russian tennis star) his career earnings are 14 million in US dollars.

How much does the average British tennis player earn?

harry styles. thats the answer for everything