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Rocket Rod refers to Rod Laver, an Australian former tennis player who holds the record for titles won in career.

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Q: Who is Rocket Rod of tennis?
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Which tennis player was known as the Rockhampton Rocket?

Rod Laver

When was Rod Rocket created?

Rod Rocket was created in 1963.

Who is rocket rod?

A Rocket Rod is just a fishing rod but only shoots faster.

What is the duration of Rod Rocket?

The duration of Rod Rocket is 300.0 seconds.

What is the correct spelling of tennis racquet?

tennis rocket

What are the release dates for Rod Rocket - 1963?

Rod Rocket - 1963 was released on: USA: 1963

When was Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers created?

Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers was created in 1953.

What was Rod Laver's nickname?


What nicknames does Rod Laver go by?

Rod Laver goes by Rocket.

When did rod laver start playing tennis?

Rod Laver started playing tennis in 1973. He is an Australian tennis player that is currently inactive, and living in California.

What actors and actresses appeared in Rod Rocket - 1963?

The cast of Rod Rocket - 1963 includes: Hal Smith as Professor Argus

Does Rod Laver have children?

No Rod Laver does not have any children. Rod Laver is a former tennis player and he holds the most singles titles won in the history of tennis.

What are the release dates for Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers - 1953?

Rod Brown of the Rocket Rangers - 1953 was released on: USA: 10 April 1953

Who is rod laver?

Rod Laver is a famous tennis player who was no.1 for 7 years

Is the rocket fishing rod good?

not really dont get it

Who is the best tennis player in Australia?

Rod laver

Who is a famous Australian Tennis player?

Rod Laver

Australian tennis players in the 1960s?

Rod Laver

What monuments begin with the letter r?

Rod Laver Arena is a famous tennis facility in Melbourne, Australia. It was named after the Australian tennis star Rod Laver.

What are the materials needed in playing table tennis?

rocket and a ball

What does the launch lug in a model rocket?

The launch lug actually guides the rocket up the launch rod.

Does Roland Martin actually use the Rocket Fishing Rod?


Who won the 1968 singles tennis championship?

rod lover

Are any of Rod Laver kids professional tennis players?


Where can you defeat team rocket in golden rod city?

The Radio Tower