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Marat Safin is who I think you to mean (Russian tennis star) his career earnings are 14 million in US dollars.

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Q: How much money marin safin tennis player made?
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How much money does Marat Safin have?

Marat Safin is a retired tennis player who was born in Moscow, Russia in 1980. His estimated net worth as of 2014 was $245 million.

What is the Religion of marat safin the tennis player?

Marat Safin describes himself as a non-practicing Muslim.

Did Marat Safin serve in army?

No, he always aspired to be and has been a tennis player.

What sport does Marat Safin play?


In 2002 Pete Sampras Lost to what other famous tennis player?

Marat Safin Round of 16 Australian Open

Who was the first tennis player from the iron curtain to win the US Open?

Men - Marat Safin Women - Svetlana Kuznetsova

How old is Marat Safin?

Tennis champion Marat Safin is 37 years old (birthdate: January 27, 1980).

What is Marat Safin famous for?

Marat Satin is a Russian politician and a retired tennis player. He is famous for winning two Grand Slam titles and was once ranked number one as the best tennis player in the world.

Is marat safina alive why yes he is?

Marat Safin is a professional tennis player and he is definitely alive.He did recently retire from professional tennis but in no way is dead. He is one of the most gifted players that the tennis world has ever had.

In which year did Marat Safin reach World number 1 in tennis?

That was in 2000 after he won the U.S. Open.

What is the birth name of Marat Safin?

Marat Safin's birth name is Marat Mikhailovich Safin.

What country is marat safin from?

Marat Safin is from Russia.