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There is no individual relay. Then it would not be a relay. You are probably thinking of an individual medley.

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Q: What is swimming individual relay?
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What are the order of the four strokes in an individual medley and in the team relay in swimming?

In the individual medley it's fly, back, breast, free. But in medley relay it's back, breast, fly, free It's different in the relay because backstroke has to start a the medley relay, there's no such thing as a '4X2L Backstoke relay, it's imposable.

What 4 different swimming strokes make up the medley individual or relay event in swimming?

both of the events include the strokes: butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, and freestyle. thought the order of the strokes is different in the individual medley the order of the strokes is: fly, back, breast, free in the medley relay the order of the strokes is: back, breast, fly, free

What sport would you find a medley?

Swimming A "medley" is an event in competitive swimming in which backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, and freestyle are swum in equal distances by an individual or as divisions of a relay race.

What event in the 2008 Olympics did Stephanie Rice compete in?

Stephanie Rice competed in and won gold in three events at the 2008 Olympics. The events were: Women's 200 metre individual medley swimming Women's 400 metre individual medley swimming Women's 4 × 200 metre freestyle relay swimming

How many swimmers in standard relay?

In all swimming events there are four swimmers in a relay

What is your 4X400 Medley relay time?

There is no such thing as 4x400 medley relay swimming event.

Differentiate normal swimming from synchronize swimming?

"Normal" swimming is usually considered to be individual lap swimming or individual or relay competition and is one of the four racing strokes: Front crawl(or freestyle), butterfly, breastroke, or backstroke. Each of these can be perfected by preset standards. Another "normal" stroke may be elementary backstroke but it is a resting stroke and not in any competition. Synchronized swimming consists of a team that works together to invent a routine based on the standard moves.

Which stroke starts the swimming medley relay?

in individual medley (IM) the order of strokes is fly (butterfly) back (stroke), breast (stroke), and free (front crawl) In a relay it's fly, breast, back free

How many teams are in the men's Olympic swimming relay race?

There are 8 relay teams per a heat. There are 4 people in each relay.

What is swimming competition or relay scores?

swimming competition is when people swim in a contest like event, where they swim against the other members of other swim teams and they do different events and one is called a relay and the score the relay to see who wins.

The individual medley is a race in?


What equ ipment is reqiured in the swimming relay?

A starting block

What is the anchor leg as in relay swimming or running?

last man

In what events did Michael Phelps participate in during the Beijing Olympics 2008?

400 m individual medley 4x100 m freestyle relay 200 m individual freestyle 200 m individual butterfly 4x200m freestyle relay 200 m individual medley 100 m individual butterfly 4x100 medley relay

What is a cannon relay swimming race?

The cannon relay is the last race in a gala. The fastest boy and girl in each year group come together as one swimming team and race the other teams.

What are the Olympic strokes in swimming that earn you medals?

butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle, IM, medley relay, freestyle relay

How many people are in a swimming relay?

anywhere form 6-8

What is the correct order of swimming strokes for the individual medly?

the correct order of swimming strokes for the individual medly is butterfly first, then backstroke, then breastroke then finally freestyle :)

Is relay a team or individual event?


What comes first in a swimming medley?

Butterfly (the stroke with the double-arms-forward motion paired with a dolphin kick on your front) is the first stroke swum in a swimming medley called "Individual Medley." In a swimming medley relay, however, backstroke is performed first as it is the only stroke that requires a start in water, while all other strokes start off with a dive.

What is first stroke in swimming medley?

Butterfly, backstroke, breastroke, freestyle is the order for swimming an individal medley. However, when swimming the medley relay, the order is: backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, freestyle.

What events did Michael Phelps swim in 2004?

200 freestyle, 100 butterfly, 200 butterfly, 200 individual medley, 400 individual medley, 4x100 freestyle relay, 4x200 freestyle relay, and 4x100 medley relay.

In which 3 sports do competitors travel backwards?

Swimming, Cycling,Relay

What are all the relays in Olympic swimming?

At the Olympics, both men and women compete in the 4x100 meter freestyle relay, 4x200 meter freestyle relay, and 4x100 meter medley relay.

What does IM mean in Olympic swimming?

Individual Medley

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