What is shot pass?

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a shot pass is when you airball a shot and it goes right to your teamate.

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Q: What is shot pass?
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Can you score from a free pass in netball?

NO you cannot score from a free pass but you can shoot if it was a penalty pass or shot in the goal circle. A penalty pass or shot is given if a player contacts or obstructs a person in the circle.

What is the penalty for intimidation in netball?

Penalty pass or Penalty pass/shot, depending on where you are on court.

What is the pass before the shot in basketball?

That is called an assist.

What do you do if you cant make a jump shot?

pass the ball

Is it a basketball assist on an inbounds pass when the shot is made?


What is a penalty pass in net ball?

You get a penalty pass, where the other player who fouled you stands next to you or you if you are in the D, you can have a penalty shot.

What are the hits in field hockey?

Push pass, slap shot, Drive.

Can you pass the ball during a jump shot instead of shooting it?


What is a rainbow shot in basketball?

A rainbow shot in basketball is simply a shot that goes incredibly higher than most, there are also rainbow passes, which are also known as a lolli pass.

Can you pass to a teammate on a direct free kick?

Yes. You don't have to take a shot on a direct kick, you can always pass it to a fellow teammate.

When would you get a free pass in netball?

You could get a free pass in netball if someone steps, replays the ball, goes offside, the ball is thrown over a third etc. A penalty pass is given if a player contacts or obstructs an opposing player down the court. However if this happens in your goal circle you will be awarded a penalty pass or shot where you can choose to either pass the ball or take a shot

On inbound pass with 3 tenths second on the clock can a shot be made?


What are the laws for buying a shot gun in Indiana?

18, pass NCIS, have money

How did the confederate states win in the battle of sabine pass?

they shot everone with rifls

What kind of field hockey pass has a H and a S?

Slap Shot, Push Pass, Choke, and Drive are the types of passes in Field Hockey.

What are only types of passes allowed in floorhockey?

The only type of pass allowed in floor hockey is a wrist shot or a push pass only

What type of NHL shot qualifies for a NHL shot on goal?

There is no NHL definition or rule of a shot, therefore, a shot on goal is up to the discretion of the official scorer. But in general terms, a shot on goal is a shot that is taken with the intent to score that either goes into the net for a goal or the goalie saves from going into the net for a goal. A shot that hits the goalpost or crossbar, or a shot the goalie stops that would not have gone in the net is not considered a shot on goal. A clearing pass that goes through everybody and winds up being stopped by the goalie is not considered a shot on goal because there was not intent by the 'shooter' to score a goal. Similarly an errant pass from a teammate that is stopped by the goalie is not considered a shot on goal.

Does an alley oop count as a missed shot?

No. An alley oop is a pass, not a shot. If someone throws an alley oop and it is completed successfully, it is an assist to the passer.

Is shooting an air ball then catching it considered pass to yourself?

No as long As it is a legitiment shot

What does options mean in soccer?

Which player can one pass to or taking a shot or passing it away.

What is a back line pass in netball?

A back line pass is when a player takes a shot from the back line due to unreasonable play by the opposing team.

Does the tropic of Capricorn pass through the US?

No. Not by a long shot.

A penalty pass or shot has been awarded in a netball game in the goal circle the shot is released but before it passes through the ring the umpires whistle is blown for time is the goal scored?

The goal should be awarded if it was a penalty shot.

Can you take two steps from the pivot in basketball without dribbling if a pass or shot is attempted before landing?


Penalty shot in netball?

penalty pass or shots are taken when obstruction has occured inthe shooting circle

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