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Q: Is it a basketball assist on an inbounds pass when the shot is made?
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When can a basketball player not move along the baseline on an inbounds pass?

You can only move after a made basket. Any other time, the inbounder has to stay still.

When inbounding the basketball do both feet need to be established inbounds before receiving a return pass?


What is assist in basketball?

ana assist in Basketball is when u pass the ball to a teammate and they score.

What does the point guard do in basketball?

A point guard runs the offense. They take the inbounds pass most times. And also they tend to pass a lot

How are assists determined in basketball?

Assists in basketball are made when one player makes a pass that results in another player scoring a basket. A player can get an assist for a pass even if the ball is dribbled after the pass but before the score. Deciding an assist is a bit of an judgment call.

What is the pass before the shot in basketball?

That is called an assist.

Why is a basketball player credited with an assist?

When a player makes a great pass that sets up a teammate for a basket (that is made)

What is a pass by one player to another that scores in basketball?


What is an offensive pass in basketball that leads directley to the basket?


Can you return inbounds to tackle another player?

Yes. But (perversely) you cannot return inbounds to catch a pass.

What is one rule that is the same in basketball and soccer?

I'm a basketball enthusiast and this made me think... I cannot think of a rule per say but i can think of a technique. The overhead pass. It is used in basketball to throw the ball down court, whereas in soccer, it is used to throw the ball inbounds. Hope this helped:)

What does assist mean in nicktoons basketball?

You pass the ball to a player and then that player scores.

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