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Shooting in Basketball is when you try to shoot the ball into the basket.

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Q: What is shooting - basketball?
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How do you get a point in basketball?

You get a point by shooting the basketball into the hoop.

What is shooting guard in basketball?

A shooting guard is a postion in basketball where you mainly stay at the perimeter of the three point line and shoot

In which game is shooting ball technique is used?

shooting ball=basketball

What muscles are used for shooting a basketball?

The muscles used for shooting a basketball are your biceps, triceps, ulna, and metacarpals. Those are just in the arm.

What is a basketball foul in the act of shooting?

It is called a shooting foul when a defender contacts a player in the act of shooting.

Should you jump when shooting a basketball?

I think jumping would help when shooting a basketball, you should really jump if your short >_<

What is the control group in a basketball shooting percentage experiment?

what is the control group in basketball

What is lane shooting in basketball?

In basketball, lane shooting is taking shots from inside the free throw lane. This is usually difficult because of the number of defenders.

What to paratice at home for basketball?

Dribbling and shooting.

What is average shooting percentage for basketball?


What are descriptive words for a basketball?

passing shooting

Can you take one step when you are shooting in basketball?


How can play basketball?

By dribbling the ball and shooting it.

How do teams get points in basketball?

By shooting baskets

What are the best basketball drills?

dribling and shooting

What are some shooting drills for basketball?


What type of energy is shooting a basketball?


Was there a four point shooting line in college basketball?

of course not

In shooting a basketball is it arc or arch?


Can any basketball player tell the difference when shooting a basketball with different air pressure?

I can

Is there a difference when shooting with a men's basketball compared to a women's basketball?

not really a womens ball is smaller than a mens basketball and a womens basketball is lighter

Can a basketball player throw the basketball up in the air before free throw shooting?


What do basketball players wear on their elbows?

Shooting sleeves.

Where can you buy a basketball shooting sleeve in Alberta?

The U.S.

How does a basketball player practice?

by running, dribbling, shooting