What is the thing on Kobe bryants arm called?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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shooting sleeve

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Q: What is the thing on Kobe bryants arm called?
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Is Kobe Bryant Straight?

Definately NOT! Notice how he does that gay arm thing every time he shoots a basketball .

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The Rocker Arm

Does Kobe Bryant wear head band?

No, Kobe Bryant does not wear a head band but he wear an arm band!!!

What is Kobe's Bryant arm span?

6 feet 6 inches

What is the thing Yu-Gi-Oh duelers have on arm?

it is called a duel disk

Does Kobe Bryant have tattoos?

Yes, on his right arm. He got them after the sexual assault trial

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The thing you put weights on is called the pan. The thing that is horizontal and has the pans attached to it is called the arm. The triangle on the arm is the fulcrum. The scale is the lines on the base that sometimes have numbers below each line. The base is the bottom half of the balance. The metal pieces that are on both sides of the arm, they are adjustable, are the metal riders. The pointy piece that is under the fulcrum, it moves when you measure, is the pointer.

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