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there is no such thing

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Q: In basketball what is the defense position called drive mean?
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What can a player do from triple threat position in basketball?

You can either drive it, pass it, or shoot it

Will not move from park position into drive position?

Durango will not move from park to drive?

What is drive in basketball?

TO drive in basketball would be to penentrate through the defence, or run hard with the ball in between the defence toward the basket

What do you call a concentrated drive on the passer in football?

It's called a "pass rush". When a defense rushes the passer with more than just the linemen, it's called a "blitz."

How can you score more in basketball games?

You have to drive to the basket.

What does drive mean in a basketball game?

Go to the hoop so you can score.

On the family level the typical conflict between the mother-in-law and her child's spouse is in its essence a struggle for power the defense of an established power position?

The quote, "On the family level, the typical conflict between the mother-in-law and her childâ??s spouse is in its essence a struggle for power, the defense of an established power position" is by Hans Morgenthau. He's referring to a psychological drive that is used to justify the reality of dominance.

What is the proper seat position to drive a car?


What is the cheapest outdoor basketball court?

Your trash can, a ball of paper, and your drive way

What is a holding relay?

Latching relays have no default position and remain in their last position when the drive current stops.

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It depends of your starting position.

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