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Ramping mode is where you have to pull a trigger at a certain speed

E.G. 5bps and it will boost it up to something like 12bps.

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Q: What is ramping mode on a virtue board?
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What is a virtue board in paintball?

A board itself is basically the brain of the gun. It is only found in electric guns, and it tells the gun the bounce, dwell, mode of fire, rate of fire, and anything associated with the gun. Virtue is a paintball brand best known for their high quality boards and crown systems for hoppers (hopper tops). Therefore, a virtue board is a board produced by virtue.

What is centurio mode for paintball guns?

It is another name for Millennium Mode which is a "ramping" mode that is shoot a maximum of 15 bps after you have achieved 7.5 bps manually.

Ape board or virtue board better with an ion?

i prefer the virtue board. but they're both very good. my friend has an ion and he also uses a virtue board. but it is really up to you because they are both excellent boards.

What is mellinium mode on a paintball gun?

It is a ramping mode that, as a minimum trigger pull speed is achieved, the marker rolls over into fully automatic for as long as minimum bps is kept.

What firing modes does the invert mini have?

The invery mini comes stock with semi mode, full auto, and three shot, and PSP mode. However, with a new board such as a virtue board, this adds multiple modes for your firing pleasure. A Tadoe board would work just as well too.

Is a virtue board good in a Vibe?

The Virtue board in a Vibe raises the rate of fire, amount of modes, and allows for more customizability. The only downside is the board costs as much as the Vibe itself. The vibe is 140 and the board is 110

What is a virtue board on a paintball gun?

It is an upgraded after-market board. A "board" is the circuit board and components that operate an electric paintball gun.

Will virtue upgrades work on a tadao board?

No. As a matter of fact virtue wont upgrade anything but the boards they make.

What board would be the best for your Ion XE?

There are numerous aftermarket boards available. The most famous one is the Virtue OLED Ion board. This board comes with a screen and many new features for your Ion. Another popular board is the Blackheart board. Similar to the Virtue though there is no screen.

Will the dm6 virtue board work with a dm8?

yes, they are the same grip frame and the same board in each marker.

Being a member of a board by virtue of holding another office is called?

ex officio

Where can you buy a Virtue board for your paintball vibe in Johannesburg?

You can either purchase it through a paintball shop. Or but directly through virtue. I recommend this, because then you know you are getting exactly what you payed for.