What is a virtue board on a paintball gun?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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It is an upgraded after-market board. A "board" is the circuit board and components that operate an electric paintball gun.

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Q: What is a virtue board on a paintball gun?
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What is a virtue board in paintball?

A board itself is basically the brain of the gun. It is only found in electric guns, and it tells the gun the bounce, dwell, mode of fire, rate of fire, and anything associated with the gun. Virtue is a paintball brand best known for their high quality boards and crown systems for hoppers (hopper tops). Therefore, a virtue board is a board produced by virtue.

What is a board in a paintball gun?

It is a computer board that holds the electronics that govern the paintball gun and it's firing modes.

Where can you buy a Virtue board for your paintball vibe in Johannesburg?

You can either purchase it through a paintball shop. Or but directly through virtue. I recommend this, because then you know you are getting exactly what you payed for.

Do you need a e-trigger to put a board on a paintball gun?

An E-trigger is the Tippmann Board, not an actual trigger.

IF there is an Ion paintball gun with virtue board when shot it the LED flashes blue meaning eye malfunction although nothing is blocking the eye so what can be done to fix it?

It means the eyes are malfunctioning, and you probably need new ones.

What is the purpose of a paintball gun?

The purpose of a paintball gun is to fire paintball pellets, to mark opponents in the game of paintball.

What are paintball markers?

A paintball marker is a paintball gun. It is just called a marker instead of a gun.

Can a felon in Texas have a paintball gun?

Yes. A paintball gun is not considered a firearm therefore a felon can purchase a paintball gun in Texas.

Can you hold a paintball gun on the street?

No, you may only have a paintball gun on property you own or at paintball parks.

Did Ohio invent the paintball gun?

No. The state of Ohio did not invent the paintball gun.

Is a paintball gun dish washer safe?

No, do not expose your paintball gun to water.

Will a paintball gun kill a rabbit?

Do not shoot any wildlife with a paintball gun.