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re possession is when you catch the ball , then drop it and then catch it again, or if you are running after the ball and hit it down with your hand to bounce it and then catch it again.

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possession means witch team has the ball. Example: lakers are in possession; lebron wastes possessions in playoffs etc.

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Q: What is possession mean in basketball?
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How many seconds per possession in basketball?

In the NBA, you get 24 seconds per possession and in college basketball, you get 35 seconds per possession.

What is the basketball team without possession of the basketball l?


What is the meaning of offensive play in basketball?

Any play made when a team has possession of the basketball.

Can you call time out if you don't have possession of the basketball?


What does a 3 possession game mean in basketball?

The losing team needs three possessions to tie the other team. A three possession game would be anytime a team is winning by more than 6 points.

What is the basketball team that dose not have possession of the ball called?

The defence.

What happens when the defender gets the ball in basketball?

It is now their possession.

What is a term used when the team is not in possession of the ball in basketball?


What is the act of securing possession of the rebounding basketball after a missed shot is?


What does possession of a firearm mean What do you have to do to have possession?

In oder to be in possession it has to be on you or in your sorroundings.

What does cherry picking mean in basketball?

In basketball, a "cherry pick" is when the opposing team is playing defense and once they gain possession, such as a steal or turnover, they will have a man down at the other end of the court, alone to pass it to, to make the easy basket.

In basketball a loose ball is best defined as?

It is still considered to be in play, but not in possession.