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Soccer is by far the most televised event on the planet.

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Q: What is most broadcasted on tv soccer or cricket?
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When was soccer first broadcasted live on TV?

1936, olympic games, but (I suppose) not the whole match

Why many countries deosnt play cricket?

Good Question. Cricket is the 2nd most popular sport in the world but there are only 12 major cricket- playing countries in the world and lots of smaller less-well-known countries that aren't broadcasted on Television.

What are the hobbies jof Usain Bolt?

To watch cricket and soccer on TV.

What was the first television show broadcasted on TV station?

The Television Ghost broadcasted on W2XABY in 1931-1933

Is Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince broadcasted on TV yet?

Yes, it has been broadcasted more than once on TV.

What is the most watched sport on tv in Australia?


Will there be any Harlem Globetrotters games broadcasted on TV?

No, the Harlem Globetrotters games in Houston will not be broadcasted on TV. The Globetrotters were not able to secure a TV deal in Houston for their performances this time.

What is the second most watched sporting event in the world?

CricketImmensely popular from the beginning, since its inception in England in the 16th century. Cricket is more popular in Test playing countries, and is the second most watched sport after football. The Cricket world cup in 2007, had 672,000 spectators in the stadiums alone and about 2.2 billion TV viewers, with the matches being telecast in 200 countries. The 2011 Cricket world cup will be broadcasted in 220 countries.

What television network are the majority of Chargers games broadcasted on?


Was Kurt cobain's funeral broadcasted on tv?

That's a negative.

Is Sonic the Hedgehog still on television in Ireland?

no it was broadcasted in 1993

What TV network broadcasted Love Lucy in the 1960s?

Are you talking about "I Love Lucy" from the 1950's or "The Lucy Show" from the 1960s? They were both broadcasted by CBS.

Who was the first president to have his inauguration broadcasted on tv?

Harry Truman in 1949.

What is toyor al janah?

it is a tv channel for children broadcasted in Arabic

Which devices lets you watch broadcasted digital TV on you computer?


What type of shows are broadcasted on Cleveland TV?

The types of TV shows that are broadcasted in Cleveland TV are TV shows such as Indians Live Baseball on STO, Tom and Jerry, NFL Live, NFL AM, and many more as well.

What networks have shown episodes of Merlin on television?

Merlin, a British TV show about the tales of Prince Arthur and Merlin, was originally broadcasted on BBC One. In America, it has been broadcasted by NBC and Syfy.

Will the FIFA World Cup - 2014 be broadcasted on the Canadian television?

yes it will for 2014

What popular shows are broadcasted on the BBC in relation to drama?

One of the most popular shows broadcasted by the BBC in the category of drama is the renowned science-fiction show Doctor Who. This show won the British Academy Television Award for Best Drama Series in 2006.

Is there a difference between soccer fields on TV and soccer fields in real life as far as size goes?

Technically, no. A soccer field is supposed to be approximately 75x120 yds, which is the size of most of the TV fields. Most youth and high school soccer fields are around 70x110 yds.

What are 10 most popular sports to watch on tv?

Well in my opinion i think that 2. cricket 3. rugby league 5.v8 supercars and the rest arnt very good

Where can you find the daily program listing and television channels broadcasted in Samos Greece?


How many years did the TV series Fastlane screen on television?

The TV series Fastlane was broadcasted by Fox from September 2002 to April 2003. In 2005 it was rebroadcasted by G4. TVOne broadcasted the series in 2006. It is very likely the series will be rebroadcasted by other television channels too.

What is the most watched sport on tv on earth?

Soccer, the world cup mainly.

What rank does cricket have in world sports?

well in terms of the number of people watching on tv and playing it it is number 2 in the world. Soccer being number one. In terms of money generated it is third. Behind Soccer and American football.